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    Barber/Beard Trimmer

    Does anyone know a someone that trims beards in the Asheville, NC area. Thanks
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    Handle & Mildness

    I have 3 questions that are related. 1. Will the handle of a Cadet TP-24, Parker 24C & Mekur 25C fit a Tech Head? 2. Of the 3: TP-24, Parker 24c & Mekur 25C which is the mildnest? 3: How do you rank the Tech with these other three? Thanks for your help.
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    New To Wet Shaving

    Been reading & learning about Wet Shaving. Being New the members have been a great source of knowledge. 4 shaves in 4 days & getting better each shave. I've been keeping a log so I can look back to see what worked & didn't. Thanks to everyone for the info.