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  1. fijiblue

    FPO/AP Merkur 23C PIF

    After many a long deployment in the USMC, I know how much mail can make a difference. I just purchased a used Merkur 23C from the B/ST and would like to pass it on to a deployed member of our armed forces. Entry is open from now until I receive the razor in a few days. Winner will be chosen at...
  2. fijiblue

    Help with honing gear

    So after a number of years shaving with a DE, and quite a few more years practice sharpening an edge I'm looking for a little guidance. On a great number of times i have sharpened steel to a razors edge using nary more than a flat river rock and a leather belt. However, I'd like to take the...
  3. fijiblue

    Thought topic: Brush fibres

    Out of curiosity, is there a "better" brush fibre than badger? I know that the traditions of shaving revolve around badger, boar, and sometimes horse, but is there something better? This somewhat morbid curiosity came about after touching various hairs at my local aquarium, specifically sea...
  4. fijiblue

    Checking in to B&B

    Hello everyone. My name is Will and I'm new here to Badger & Blade. I've been a DE shaver for about 6 years now and loving it. I never really thought to check out any communities of fellow wet shavers. I think this is the start of a new great hobby for me, and one that won't totally break the...