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  1. Blackstangal

    I Started Making My Own Scales

    Here are some of my first tries.So far Im satisfied.:001_smile
  2. Blackstangal

    "the real" deal

    I found this safety razor at my local Antique shop.Its called "THE REAL" safety razor.A razor for both ways of shaving because the safety guard is detachable.It also swings up and swivels completely around for both right and left hand use.I cant seem to find any info or where it was made.Has...
  3. Blackstangal

    My Latest Finds And Restores

    #1: Carl Monkhouse C-Mon Blackie w/ my first set of homade scales.I really love this razor.Shaves like a dream. #2: Wnderedge scales with a WM Elliot blade.This set up is temporary until I find a suitible Wonderedge blade.Shaves extremely well. #3: Sterling Razor Co. roundpoint as...
  4. Blackstangal

    Has Anybody Ever Tried These Before?

    These are Dubl Duck Double Edge Razors.Its a full box.I cant bring myself to open a pack.Im wondering how they shave.Anybody?
  5. Blackstangal

    Happy Birthday SuperBleu !

    HAPPY BDAY MR.BLEU!!!:thumbup:
  6. Blackstangal

    No Bids On Ebay ?

    Got This 11/16 Otto Deutsch on ebay.Not one bid.Had a liite pitting but is turning out real nice.First two pics are before pics and second two are after first sanding.Will post finished pics.:biggrin:
  7. Blackstangal

    Sunday at the Fleamarket

    It must be my lucky Month.Did this big score today at one of my favorite fleamarkets..Let the pics do the talking.My arm is tired from carrying that chopper around:biggrin: One more thing,The Red Imps by CASE are covered with grease not rust,Have no honewear and are virgin.:w00t: I think I...
  8. Blackstangal

    Antique Shop Surprise!!

    Stopped on my way home from work at an antique shop just around the corner and found this stuff.What a surprise.:w00t: A mug made in Gernany by D&B as hallmarked on bottom.A 11/16 Genco Model B4 w/ shortened blade.A Gillette NEW,which should clean up nicely.An Omega shave brush,Made in Italy.And...
  9. Blackstangal

    First Batch Homemade ShaveSoap a success!!!

    Got tired of paying high prices for shave soap,not exactly for the price of the soap,but the S&H.I decided to go to the internet for a few soap making Ideas and"VOILA,Bingo,Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner.I made three scents.Laidback Lime,Buttery Coconut,And Mind Chillin Melon.So far I only tried...
  10. Blackstangal

    Acquisitions February 16 - 22

    I posted this on the SRP:biggrin:
  11. Blackstangal

    Look what I found!!!!!!!

    Wade & Butcher 15/16 Meat Cleaver w/unstained Bone Scales:w00t:Just rehoned and man what a shave.:lol:I am sworn to myself not to give up my sources:001_tt2:Going to list, but cant decide how much to list:confused:
  12. Blackstangal

    Another Antique Shop Find

    It is called a Eagle Junior.Found this one in antique shop.Only one setback,Razors are not as wide as reguler singe edge blades.restropped the blade that came with it buy how many times can be restropped? Nice shaver until then.:frown:
  13. Blackstangal

    K Bros Star Razor

    Look what I found while cleaning out my cabinets.Bought it some time ago and forgot about it:w00t:
  14. Blackstangal

    Happy Birthday !!!!!!!

    :biggrin: Happy Birthday to PalmettoB!!!!!!!
  15. Blackstangal


    Razak razor.What I heard about this razor is it dates back to 1906.Tried it out and results are like a str8.Shaved very close.No nicks or gouges,but my face never rebels against any razor I've tried.Very aggressive. I Like it.Anyone else tried one?:biggrin:
  16. Blackstangal

    Todays find in local antique shop

    Some more great finds on a day off after a wet weekend.Too wet outside for construction work caused severe boredom,which caused a severe case of ANTIQUE POX,in which the only cure is to visit one of my many antique haunts.Boy, is it my lucky week or what? First I score a nice shiny PRESIDENT for...
  17. Blackstangal

    My New PRESIDENT!!!!!!!

    FINALLY scored my first PRESIDENT:w00t: All the stalking and searching finally paid off.Patience does pay off,along with hours of internet surfing over the same sites day in and day out.:117:Didn't have to pay an arm and a leg and an eye for this one either.My next objective? British...
  18. Blackstangal

    Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I would like to thank all the awsome members of the B&B for letting me be a part of such a kicking group of guys !!!!!!!!!!!!!! :a50:
  19. Blackstangal

    Paddle Strop

    I have a paddle strop with one side leather and one side canvas.My question is what purpose does the canvas side serve.By the way had my first st8 shave today,WOW!!! What an experience,no cuts and no bumps:w00t:
  20. Blackstangal

    Elusive SS Tan Tip,Brown Tip,or What?

    Just received tis little gem in mail today thinking it was a black tip SS.The handle is different from the two other black tips I have in my collection,and is made out of aluminum.It has a smooth band at top of handle belw the neck.The TTO knob is a coffee brown,not black coffee color.Light...