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  1. bluesman 7

    Cat O Nine Tails/Aqua Velva

    Had a sample of Cat O Nine Tails. I liked it OK, but wondered if I might like it better mixed with AV. I've found that I quite like a 1 part CONT to 2 parts AV mix. I like it well enough that I might have to purchase some Cat O Nine Tails. Has anyone else tried this mix?
  2. bluesman 7

    Denver Meet

    We are having a meet on June 22nd in southeast Denver 11:00 til 6:00 Three Fountains 3280 S Oneida Way Denver CO 80224 Use Lane 1
  3. bluesman 7

    How boars break in

    I've got a new to me, one test palm lather, Omega Essential 10th anniversary boar brush. It is very usable in it's un broken in state, so my plan is just to shave it into shape and enjoy the transition. I have a well broken in Omega 10104 , five years plus starting at already broken in, that...
  4. bluesman 7

    Semoque/Omega, different pigs or what.

    Another thread was going off topic so I started this one. "That makes a lot of sense. Omega boars seem to be like brooms and Semogue like mops. Brooms push and distribute. Mops soak in, hold and smear." @naughtilus "Exactly, very good example. It's the only explanation i could think of...
  5. bluesman 7

    Broken in boar with no split ends

    I have an Omega 10104 that I won in a drawing and have been using almost exclusively for over 5 years. It was used and broken in when I got it. Looking at the bristles with a loupe, there are hardly any split ends. Like it takes a while to even find one. The tips are tapered to a point are...
  6. bluesman 7

    Just shaved my wife's legs

    As the title says I just shaved my wife's legs with a straight. No disasters. The hardest part was that I had no routine. I normally face lather and use a brush scuttle. With my wife, I had no feel for how much soap to use on her legs, or how that would work out, so I bowl lathered. I just...
  7. bluesman 7

    Honing to a frown

    At the first Denver meet that I went to in early 2013. The most experienced person there was demonstrating an X stroke. The razor was a normal straight edged razor and I was confused as to why an x stroke was used as opposed to the straight strokes that I had been using. He stated that 'You...
  8. bluesman 7

    Denver Blacksmiths

    I'm doing a demo and talk on straight razors at the Rocky Mountain Smith's meeting on 11/10/ 18.
  9. bluesman 7

    Denver Meet Nov. 11 2018

    There will be a Denver Meet on Nov.11th 2018 11:00 to 5:00 or so at; The Garlic Knot 2553 S. Colorado Blvd. Denver 80222 The meet is centered around straights, honing, and stropping, but DE users are certainly welcome. There is usually plenty of talk about soaps brushes etc. Very informal and...
  10. bluesman 7

    New Naniwa Stones

    Just noticed that one of the popular vendors is closing out the Sharpening Series and Specialty stones and replacing those lines with.........................Wait for it............Superstones!!!!! This strikes me a bit funny as the SS and SP stones replaced the Superstones a few years back...
  11. bluesman 7

    Soap pass around idea

    I'm not a soap enthusiast, but while sending some soap samples to a friend I came up with what I think would be a simple economical alternative to sending a big box of soaps around for a pass around. Example; 10 people each pick a soap that they would like to try, or that they already have...
  12. bluesman 7

    Razor longevity

    If a single razor used daily needs to see the stones, let's say 5 times a year, and each honing removes .002" from the width as a SWAG. That would be .1" per decade which is more significant than I would have thought. I've always told people that a single razor could last a lifetime, but now I...
  13. bluesman 7

    Denver Meet Jan.27th 2018

    We are having a Meet at The Garlic Knot, 2553 S. Colorado Blvd. 11:00 till whenever. Mostly straights and honing, but everyone is welcome.......we all use brushes and soaps and many straight users use DEs too.
  14. bluesman 7

    Denver Meet July 22nd 2017

    We are meeting at The Garlic Knot, 2553 S. Colorado BLVD Honing, stropping, show and tell. Mostly straight razor, but all wet shavers welcome. Starting at 11:00 till whenever.
  15. bluesman 7

    Heat Treating, Forging, Etc.

    There was a recent discussion in another thread about heat treating and I thought it would be good to have a dedicated thread to the subject along with forging, etc. The subject does not have to be strictly razor related, but of course that is how we all got here. OK, so the quick and dirty on...
  16. bluesman 7

    Forging Videos

    For some fast moving well edited forging videos, check out Alec Steele's youtube channel. Most of the vids are about 6 minutes and very easy to watch. His live streams are about 2 hours and in real time, so they move much slower. On yesterday's live stream he said that he was going to be...
  17. bluesman 7

    Denver Meet Jan 14 2017

    We are having a meet on Jan. 14 at; The Garlic Knot 2553 S. Colorado Blvd. 12:00 til Whenever. Hope to see you there.
  18. bluesman 7

    WTB Naniwa 5k stone

    Hi, I'm looking for one of the resin bonded Naniwa 5k stones. Super Stone, Sharpening Stone, or Specialty Stone. Thanks
  19. bluesman 7

    7th Annual Mile High Meet in Denver

    The meet is scheduled for Saturday July 16th at The Garlic Knot 2553 S. Colorado Blvd. This is usually the biggest of the Denver meets. The meet is centered around straight razors, strops, and honing, but anyone is welcome and will feel comfortable with this friendly group.
  20. bluesman 7

    01 steel abrasion resistance

    The subject of 01 steel being tougher to hone came up in another thread and I decided to start a new thread rather than going of topic. 147_Grain posted; "Does a higher tempering temp alleviate this, or is it rich enough in carbides that it's going to take about as long at 58 HRc as at 63? " I...