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  1. mightyeskimo

    It's Been 13 Years!

    Today the title track to Tool's forthcoming album, Fear Inoculum, was finally released! It's amazing! Today is a good day! Tool Release New Song 'Fear Inoculum': Listen
  2. mightyeskimo

    What Bug Is This?

    Found it this afternoon. Big sucker.
  3. mightyeskimo

    RIP Rip Torn

    Dude was hilarious!
  4. mightyeskimo

    Stars & Stripes & Glasses!

    Or bottles, or growlers, or old Slurpee cups! Let's see a pic of what you're pulling on this 4th of July!
  5. mightyeskimo

    Cobbler On Steroids!

    Deep dish dual layer cornbread cobbler! Happy Memorial Day!
  6. mightyeskimo

    1911 Problems

    Hi! I've heard many references to the problems common in 1911's but not specifics. What are these common problems one should consider before purchasing their first 1911?
  7. mightyeskimo

    EDC S&W 627 (N Frame, 4")

    Anyone EDC a 627 or similar 4" revolver? I'd like to hear your thoughts. Pros and cons.
  8. mightyeskimo

    Cobra Kai

    Just finished binging season 2. What an unbelievable job of writing and production! This concept and it's execution is amazing! Anyone else watching this?
  9. mightyeskimo

    New Coffeemaker!

    Got a new coffee maker. Nothing special, just a regular Mr. Coffee. The Keurig took a dive and I was tired of the single cup style. The more of a pot a day kind of guy.
  10. mightyeskimo

    I Love Rico!

    No not Uncle Rico or Rico Suave.... I'm talking about Senor Rico rice pudding! Found in the dairy case of your local grocery store. Epicly delicious! Any other Rico fans here? How about rice pudding fans? Recipes?
  11. mightyeskimo

    Becky's Signature Cheesesteak

    Hi all! Looking for a twist on a classic? Well so was my wife......... and we've been married every since! But seriously, she was also looking for a different way to serve a good cheesesteak sandwich. We came up with this. Enjoy! 1lb shredded American cheese 2 strips bacon diced small 1...
  12. mightyeskimo

    Synthetic Shaving Brush Pass Around

    Hi all! We're gearing up the list for the synthetic shaving brush pass around! We need 12 more interested parties before sending the box out. Interested? Click Here: Synthetic Shaving Brush Pass Around
  13. mightyeskimo

    We Have Openings For The Synth Pass

    The Synthetic Shaving Brush Pass Around Is Here For You Click Here To Join
  14. mightyeskimo

    Looking For A Good .22

    My family has recently acquired a ground hog. Cute little fella. He seems to enjoy the neglect I've shown for the weeds in my back yard. Seriously, it's starting to look a little like The Land Before Time back there. As cool as all that is, he's gotta go. I thought this would be a good...
  15. mightyeskimo

    Stove Top Crud

    Hi all! You know that brown crud that accumulates on the stove top when your potatoes boil over erupting in a sizzling sound of orange flame that sends your kids into an apocalyptic state of frenzy? What's the best way to remove that? #dontjudgeme LOL
  16. mightyeskimo

    Join Our Synthetic Shaving Brush Passaround!

    Wanna try a synth? Well check out this lineup!! These beauties await you in the Synthetic Shaving Brush Pass Around! Details are in the first post. We have 11 spots available out of our Dirty Bakers Dozen list of synth loving gentlemen! Claim your spot now! Check the first post for...
  17. mightyeskimo

    Work Pants Recommendation

    Hi guys! I'm looking for a new pair of work pants. I have been using jeans in a carpenter style by Red Kap and Levi. They wear out too fast, developing small holes on seams. I need a carpenter style to hold tools and I also need 7 belt loops to keep other items on the belt separated. What do...
  18. mightyeskimo

    Olivina All In One Scrub

    My local store just started carrying Olivina products so I gave this one a shot. Very nice product. Great scent. Great scrubbing abrasion. Leaves skin feeling grippy which leads me to believe this is a type of face wash that strips the oils from the surface of the skin. I also picked up a...
  19. mightyeskimo

    Aww Yeah! Make Some Noise!

    What has two thumbs and just won free tickets to see George Clinton & The Parliament Funkadelic this Saturday? THIS GUY!
  20. mightyeskimo

    WTS: Pair Of Semogue SOC2 Boar Brushes

    These two beauties have just been sitting around for too long. I'm now face lathering and they're too big for me. I'd like to get $50 for the pair and I'll throw in free CONUS shipping.