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  1. martym

    Opening Day

    I am a huge baseball fan. Today is the day. I am off, the wife is working, and a game is on now. Sweet! It’s the Yankees and I am an Astros fan. But hey! Baseball is baseball and it’s opening day. What a great day!!!
  2. martym

    License Plate

    I saw a personalized LP today that made me tear up but also made me laugh. I wanted to wait for the owner to return to his vehicle but I was pressed for time. The plates were Purple Heart plates and Took me a few extra seconds to decipher them.
  3. martym

    PIF: How Long to 3017 MdC?

    ALCON, Open to all World Wide shipping Winner gets an unused and unopened full to the top tub of MdC (I’ll PM the winner with the flavors I have and the choice will be theirs) Our home was flooded in June We lost pretty much everything except what was most important: OUR LIVES We have lived...
  4. martym

    B & B Radio Show # 44. 11-13-2017

    B&B Radio Episode #44 11.13.2017 A link for the latest episode.
  5. martym

    Me Bingle’s 2017 Reindeer & Sleigh Gift Exchange

    Speakeasyers, It’s that time of the year again!! 2017 gift exchange. Below is the link Mr Bingle's 2017 Reindeer&Sleigh Gift Exchange
  6. martym

    A Last Minute Auction

    Over in the general shaving forum is a thread for a last minute charity auction. It’s for a Merkur Slant. marty
  7. martym

    The Badger Den

    Welcome to our Speakeasy Pub; The Badger Den!!!!!!!! Just a place where we can take a moment to clear the day's fog and unwind. Or just to step away when we aren't able to step away! As always we shall conduct ourselves in a gentlemanly manner and adhere to all Badger and Blade rules and code...
  8. martym

    A Speakeasy Place

    ALCON, This morning while browsing B&B I read an interesting post or two! It was mentioned that maybe we should have a "bar" in the Speakeasy much the same as the Mess Hall has Meet Us At The Diner. A place where we can talk about our day and things going on in our lives. Remember Cheers...
  9. martym

    I Truly Am Worried

    Hurricane Harvey is nearly here. The rain has started. The wind is picking up. I am hunkering down here at home. Looks like I'm here at least til Sunday. I am so scared. DO I HAVE ENOUGH ELIJAH CRAIG 12 year????????????? This could get ugly!!!! Y'all enjoy your weekend. We are gonna have...
  10. martym

    A New Sticky

    Just a wondering. One of our most active threads is: What Are You Drinking Tonight. Would y'all prefer it as a sticky or just leave it alone?
  11. martym

    Proper Behavior

    You guys who frequent the Speakeasy are awesome!!! Just saying! Thank you! marty
  12. martym

    Walking Dead or Game of Thrones

    Which one do you prefer? Both is not an option. I have grown tired of The Walking Dead but Game of Thrones just keeps getting better for me.
  13. martym

    National Scotch Day

    ALCON, I had no idea there was an actual day for this until Chad (@cvargo) brought it to my attention. God Bless him. Thursday, 27 July 2017 is National Scotch Day!!! Enjoy yourselves and Speakeasy Marty
  14. martym

    Cocktail v Mixed Drink

    What's the difference between a cocktail and a mixed drink? Is there a difference? Or is it like tomato/tomato or potato/potato?
  15. martym

    When It Rains It Pours!!

    I'm not a very smart man. I repeatedly tell myself that I'm not a spring chicken anymore. But I always seem to disremember this simple fact. I need a favor from y'all; my fellow drinkers of all things alcohol. I'm currently taking Antibiotics for an infection. Then this last Friday I was doing...
  16. martym

    Alcoholic Beverage of Choice

    When you are wanting an alcoholic beverage to wet your whistle what do you reach for more often than not? This can be at home chillin, at a sporting event, at a BBQ, out to dinner, or at a social event. I am just wondering. I get Bourbon or Scotch. Neat. Once in a blue moon a beer. But I have...
  17. martym

    They'll Let Anyone In

    Hey! Hi! My name is Marty and I'm an al..... Oops! Wrong place Marty is my name and I am a new steward and have been assigned to The Speakeasy. I am by no means an expert on alcohol. I love Elijah Craig 12 year and am down to 8 bottles of 1.75liters. I also love Scotch. Peaty, iodiney...
  18. martym

    International Cell Usage

    I have been dreading making this call to Sprint!! My oldest is going to do the fall semester in Paris. AND She will be in Canada most of August before leaving to Paris. When she went to China for a month it cost me an arm and a leg. So this afternoon I put on my big boy shorts and called our...
  19. martym

    Grapefruit Pies

    Just starting the "baking" of 4 grapefruit pies. I had to do something with the last of the grapefruits from my back yard! 4 pie crusts have been baked, the filling is cooking, and I am about to start preparing the grapefruits. I will post photos of the finished product
  20. martym

    Stop and Smell the Roses

    No pics. But I am just sitting on the back patio. It's raining. I'm bbq'ing. No alcohol. No music. Just the sounds of the rain and the smell of; well life! Don't get no better than this