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  1. Orgoglio italianO

    WW2 aftershaves,Colognes,Shave Soaps,Creams etc.

    Is there any Colognes and or aftershaves,creams,soaps. From Germany WW2 time that are still produced today. Also American & British etc.
  2. Orgoglio italianO

    Tabac Deodorant & Antiperspirant Deo

    Has anyone tried the Tabac Deodorant or Antiperspirant deodorant? Or the Hair Cream are the scents rite on to the cologne,close? And are the scents pretty long lasting ?
  3. Orgoglio italianO

    Vintage Pinaud-Clubman glass bottles

    I'm looking for Vintage glass Pinaud-Clubman bottle with cap so I can decant new stuff into it. Anyone know where I may find one?
  4. Orgoglio italianO

    DIY Body Powder ~ Ogalalla & Old Spice

    Thinking about also doing a Cornstarch & Arrowroot powder Body powder in the Ogalalla scents and Old Spice Original & Fresh Lime as well (India/Shulton) Any thoughts or know how advice? Thnx~
  5. Orgoglio italianO

    Dominica Essential Oil & Spice Co-op Bay Rum

    Anyone try this? Is it any good?
  6. Orgoglio italianO

    Cinthol Lime Talc?

    Any users of this? I'd like a lime talc to accompany my Lime Colognes,and or After Shaves,bath soap
  7. Orgoglio italianO

    ABL After Shave/Cologne Tonic ?

    Anyone give this a whirl? Supposedly is similar to Creeds Green Irish Tweed Here is some info here: ABL site:
  8. Orgoglio italianO

    Captains Choice Lime vs. Dominica Lime

    Captains Choice Lime vs. Dominica Lime What scent do you prefer and which lasts longer?
  9. Orgoglio italianO

    Barrister - Man Bay Rum :0

    Barrister and Mann Bay Rum after shave I recieved is a really great product. Feels great after a shave and has no alcohol. My skin is soft non greasy but with a non tacky moisture that is light and just wonderful and just rite too. The Bay Rum Scent is really good. And it lasts a long time on...