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  1. adaumus

    Amouage Jubilation XXV

    Just bought this online. I haven't been here in like 5 years but thought I'd chat. I remember trying this cologne once and it was one of the most interesting, animalistic, balsamic style colognes out there. Anyways, not cheap, so I hope I picked a good one. I'm sure I'll be happy with my...
  2. adaumus

    Where to buy: Knize Ten

    Where can I buy Knize Ten, or at least find a true source where if I put my name on a waiting list, the company will actually come through? Thanx 4 any help. Happy Holidays, Adam
  3. adaumus

    Can a lefty use a slant bar?

    Don't know if this has been touched on but, Just wondering if these razors were taylored with righty's in mind and not good for lefty's? I'm left handed and want one, but want to make sure the slant will work with my shaving hand.
  4. adaumus

    What's your best shave/blade yet!?!

    Mine was today with my merkur HD, red personna blade and tabac! I've tried Merkur, feather, and derby. My technique is changing as I go, so I definitely still plan on revisiting at least the feather, and derby for sure. I think I just was to rough with the feathers going straight from M3...
  5. adaumus

    can't join social groups?.....

    I have been trying to join some social groups but I seriously don't have a "join group" button anywhere on the group pages. I've been asking around and everybody gives me the FAQ instructions and it's just not there. Can anyone help me in administration, or any guests had this problem? Thanks Adam
  6. adaumus

    B & B cologne? How do I get some? Anyone got a stockpile?

    Is it possible to get my hands on the B & B cologne, or will it be offered again soon?
  7. adaumus

    Fall Scents! What's your favorite?

    New around these parts and wondering some favorite colognes for the fall/winter. Fall seems like a very introspective and peaceful season. I can visualize some cool breezes with autumn colored leaves blowing, and an occasional fireplaces billowing smoke. Trying to keep thoughts similar to this...
  8. adaumus

    Adaumus' Entry into the B&B Hall of Fame

    Please allow me to introduce myself: Username: Adaumus What is your real name? Adam What are your nicknames/aliases? Adaumus, Ad-rock, A-dawg Where do you live? Brooklyn, Ny What is your age (or) generation? 28 What are you in the real world? musician/waiter What is your favorite...
  9. adaumus

    Noob from Brklyn...Geeking out and den is growing!

    Hey y'all!! I'm Adam living out in Brooklyn. I've been stalking B & B lately, and am trying to get more involved. I was dabbling with wet shaving for a while. Started with a herban cowboy brush that disintegrated because it was held together with just glue. Then got a tweezerman with colonel...
  10. adaumus

    quality cologne samplers. Where can I get them?

    I'm starting to collect colognes but want to see if there is an internet source that sells samples someone may know about. I don't want to drop benjamin's on colognes I don't end up liking! Thanks to anyone who can help. Adam
  11. adaumus

    any clubs in NYC

    Wondering if there are any clubs in Manhattan or Brooklyn that meet together, to talk about shaving, products etc., or put on any product shows to be able to test things out?