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    Info about this Razor??

    All I know is that it is a Schick. Any information would be appreciated. These are the pics the person sent me. Travel razor?? Blades? Time period? Is it missing anything? Would this be a milder razor? Thanks
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    WTB Scrap Broken/Damaged Razor Scales

    Hi guys, Looking for some razor scales to work on or experiment with in the future that you've replaced on old razors. They can be cracked, broken, split, or have chunks missing, preferably with the original wedge. Can be horn, bone, or maybe even celluloid if it is stable. I would really like...
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    FS Large Sale: Shave Ready Razors, Dubl Duck, Slim, DE's, SE, Hones, Parts

    Hi guys, Have some stuff I need to sell and some I have to sell. Prefer PayPal G&S Add $4 if shipping individual razors CONUS. Willing to ship international if buyer pays extra shipping cost. I'll be glad to send additional pictures and info, I'm just trying to keep the listing organized. If...
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    Favorite/Popular Scents from T&S, GD, or Lisa's Herbal??

    Hi guys, Wanted to hear your thoughts on these three brands. Grooming Dept, Tallow & Steel, and Lisa's Natural Herbal Creations. Haven't tried any of these brands myself, but they all seem to have great reputations. They were also highly recommended by a contributor here. I thought it would...
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    Trouble w/ Fatboy - Help Needed

    So, I finally got a GILLETTE FATBOY. It was really nasty so I cleaned it up the best I could. Two issues: 1 : Adjustment collar is locked up. 2 : The bottom of the handle can be moved up and down when it is twisted to the open position. Pictured below- Are these two issues related?? I...
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    Ultrasonic Cleaning??

    Hi guys. Wanted to ask about ultrasonic Cleaning razors. types you shouldn't put in one? If there is some plating worn off is that a problem? If an adjustable is locked up would this be as effective (or better) than boiling? Thinking of seeing if any of the guys on a local forum that cleans...
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    Interesting Find at Local Shop

    Don't get to visit shops very often anymore to look for shaving stuff. So, when I had the chance yesterday I went in two stores to see if they had anything new. I thought these were interesting AND and they are still in the original packaging. DE and SE enthusiasts probably consider these the...
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    **PIF** The Gentlemen's Quarter Shaving Soap Samples

    Hi guys, I ordered some samples from Colleen at The Gentlemen's Quarter and thought the opportunity to try some different scents would be a cool giveaway idea. So, I ordered a sample of ALL of her shaving soaps she currently offers. I quartered each sample puck so four members can try each...
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    20% OFF The Gentlemen's Quarter (Memorial Day Weekend)

    Hi Guys, I ordered a tub of soap from TGQ and she is having a Memorial Day weekend sale. Coupon code on front page. There is a site with the same name and for some reason her store doesn't show as one of the first results when you do a search, so here is a link. The Gentlemen's Quarter
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    Ordering Bourbon Online?

    Hi guys, I don't really drink so all of this is foreign to me. I wanted to send a bottle of bourbon to someone in another state as a thank you gift. I know what kind they would like so I need to find a place that ships to Ohio that doesn't have too many hoops. Not sure if anyone will be there...