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  1. Bobbyv8

    Trader rating

    How give a good note after a sale. Thx
  2. Bobbyv8

    Rex ambassador

    Up for sale for Canadian market à Rex Ambassador mint, use only a few shave. Include stand and the box. Asking 300.00 shipped firm.
  3. Bobbyv8


    I have some great d/e. Like fatboy, game changer, wunderbar,2x timeless and recently à Windsor from above the tie. How do you compare the new Rockwell 6t, from those above, thx
  4. Bobbyv8

    Double edge info

    I would like to have your thoughts about references. i have fatboy 1960-rex ambassador-timeless bronze and timeless stainless steel. i was thinking to add an above the tie in my den. upper quality than those above? thanks from Quebec
  5. Bobbyv8

    Rex ambassador with stand

    I have for sale 3 months old Rex, with oem stand. Asking 300.00 cdn, shipped Canada only via Canada post. like bnib. Tomorrow I can take pics for serious . Serious offer will be considered, other will get no polite answers. I have no sale record here, but over 50 on cgn aka kendo.
  6. Bobbyv8

    Cleaning bronze razor

    Hi, I just receive my timeless razor bronze from them. First use previous for tomorrow morning. For those who have a bronze razor, what is the best product to get patina, cream, liquid, your help will be appreciate.
  7. Bobbyv8

    Question like that...

    for those of you, they have made business with timeless cie, how is the communications and after sales services.
  8. Bobbyv8

    Thater brush stand

    Anyone ave an idea where find that. Stand only, or as a kit with brush. Any look i am trying, seems to be back order. They don’t give any eta. Thanks
  9. Bobbyv8

    Blades info

    hi, I am Canadian. I hear very good comments about polsiver blades, but never have a chance to tried one. Is it true they will be no longer available? Polsiver, nacet, 7 o’clock which one is better.
  10. Bobbyv8

    Two choices

    razorock synthetic shaving brush. The best choice the f400 or the 400, your input.
  11. Bobbyv8

    Rude good morning after shaves

    Need your help. After I shave my face witch after shaves splash, will have effect like a bomb a very wake up call in the morning! Agressive but efficiency. Now I use green proraso and club pinaud. Just the shoot, without need to call paramedic and firefighters. Lol
  12. Bobbyv8

    Razorock info

    i have some safety razors, and I want a try Razorock brand. Before made my order I will like to know, which one is better the game changer or the slant wunderbar, thx for helped.