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    Where do TSA confiscated straights go ?

    They are using those for Christmas lights.
  2. J

    Where do TSA confiscated straights go ?

    And you don't see any real nice knives on that tree!
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    Info about this Razor??

    I liked the razor, but it looks like it won't happen. His response to my offer makes me think he was expecting a lot more. Oh well.
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    Info about this Razor??

    Don't have yet. Pics sent from local seller through different site. I'll probably try to buy if they aren't wanting a lot of money for it. Thanks for the info.
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    Info about this Razor??

    All I know is that it is a Schick. Any information would be appreciated. These are the pics the person sent me. Travel razor?? Blades? Time period? Is it missing anything? Would this be a milder razor? Thanks
  6. J

    Synthetic Shaving Brush Pass Around

    Definitely. Some brushes I hadn't really considered were great and a couple I was interested in were definitely not for me. So, thanks for adding that to the box!
  7. J

    Noob is wondering.......

    Those people are usually just refining the edge some more to get it where they want. If I gave you a kitchen knife with a good working edge from a medium grit stone, you may still want to improve the edge on a finer stone before using it. You can take an edge that is perfectly fine for one...
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    Synthetic Shaving Brush Pass Around

    So, my favorites from the box were probably the Crown King Checkmate Kong Plissoft Plisson Jagger silvertip Hunter They had enough backbone without it keeping them from splaying if I wanted to use them that way. Knots were soft without being floppy. Plisson was one of the softest brushes in...
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    Synthetic Shaving Brush Pass Around

    Sent PM to spolct to get his address. I will probably buy a Kong, Plissoft, Plisson, or Jagger silvertip for myself eventually. I'll try to post more about my experiences soon. Thanks again for letting me participate! Looks like some of the less expensive brushes were real winners.
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    Synthetic Shaving Brush Pass Around

    Sorry guys, had a lot going on. I'll try to get some thoughts posted soon. Used a lot of the brushes and enjoyed most of them. Only two were really not my cup of tea. I'll get them shampooed when I get back home from my trip in few days and and dry them out. If the next person on the list will...
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    My journey into SR

    Nice. What are the other razors?
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    The Wolf has Landed

    I should find a stand like that for my Slim. Beautiful razor @MTG Jr
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    Post your local/flea market stone scores (AKA Tim's Thread)

    He may have been looking for stamps since the name isn't on the face of the hone.
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    What is the easiest, simplest, or cheapest way to maintain a straight razor?

    For years I used a diy leather strop and a finishing stone I picked up at an antique shop to maintain my edges.
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    Synthetic Shaving Brush Pass Around

    Got the brushes. Looking forward to trying them out. Washed my hands and took a few out since I haven't gotten to compare brushes like this before. Looks like some labels came loose so I'll try and get some packaging tape that will stay on better. Thanks!
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    Restoration Questions

    Doubt the scales are original. This doesn't look like a factory pin job and the scratching around the pivot is probably from when the original pin was being removed.
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    WTB Looking for a good Beginner Straight Razor and Strop

    I've got a few straights listed in an old BST thread, but I have more I'm willing to sell. You are welcome to PM me what your looking for and I'll send you pictures of what I have.
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    Hi from new member in Cardiff, Wales - here is some of my collection

    Welcome to the forum. Nice collection! Wouldn't mind trying one of those small brushes. They seem more practical when shaving around a beard.
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    Graydog is killing me

    Very nice. I really like spalted maple.