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  1. @ngel

    Job Interview

    So I was offered a job at a new company in town and I agreed to go to an interview even though I wasnt interested on the position but I had to hear what they had to offer, even then I made sure I was presentable, clean shaven, and in the best manner possible, after all is a job interview and I...
  2. @ngel

    It is time for....the fair!

    So I have being on a no sugar diet for the last couple of months, shaved off a few pounds, but the fair is coming up! and with it: corn dogs, funnel cakes, old fashion soda, cotton candy, beer, if it makes your mouth water, you name it is there! So needless to say my diet is gonna go out the...
  3. @ngel

    Annoying bald spots!

    So, I am just venting here, a couple of years back some bald spots appeared on my beard, never saw or heard anything like that so I thought the worst of possibilities, cancer, bacterial infection etc. After some research and asking doctors, turns out it was just allopecia barbae, basically...
  4. @ngel

    When wearing a suit, where do you put your pen?

    My apologies if this has being asked before but, I wear suits for church and special occasions often and I am new to this pen hobby so, what is the proper/apropiate way to sport a pen on a suit? I have seen quiet often guys carrying their pens on the outside breast pocket of the jacket but I’ve...
  5. @ngel

    Beard grows slower on summer?

    Just a curiosity question: any of you guys have noticed that your whiskers grow slower on summer? Or is it just my imagination? it seems my shaves last longer on the summer and instead of 36 hours in between for good growth I go full 48 hours between shaves, not that I mind but just seems odd...
  6. @ngel

    Do you watch the news?

    Is going to be almost a year now that I unpluged myself from the habit of watching the news everyday before going to bed. At the time it made sense to keep myself informed of whats going on in the world, but I got disgusted and nauseated at how politicized and biased the news bacame and it felt...
  7. @ngel

    How do you find out the grit on a stone?

    So I got my hands on an antique honing stone but I dont know the kind of grit on it, how can I find out?