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  1. ezmike

    For Sale: Gillette Fatboy Delta Echo Razor Works, Black Handle SS & Schick Golden 500

    The following are for sale, they just do not get much use. Payment by Paypal, shipping CONUS only and is included in the price. Since my work schedule usually does not permit weekday shipping your razor will be shipped on the Saturday following payment. I will try to ship sooner. Please ask...
  2. ezmike

    Century #4 Handle

    I just received one and it has a cream colored Bakelite handle that needs cleaning. What methods do you suggest. Thanks Mike
  3. ezmike

    WTB: Gillette Fat Boy Case

    Looking for a Gillette Fat Boy case. Year doesn't matter. Case should be in excellent condition. No through and through cracks, chips or missing pieces. Lid must function properly. Latch latches. Both hinge wings on the base must be present. Reasonably priced. PM me, photos needed...
  4. ezmike

    Who has re-knotted a Rubberset 400 with a boar knot.

    I'd like to use a TGN boar knot in my 400-4 but based on comments in my other thread I'm not sure which size boar knot to buy. I just heard from Tony at TGN and the hair tuff above the plug on the 24mm boar knot measures approximately 27.6mm. So while the plug will fit in the ferrel it looks...
  5. ezmike

    Rubberset 400 - knot - What's your choice?

    So now I have three 400's to re-knot or two if I keep the original boar in the 400-4. In the past I've used a Grade A Silvertip , Finest 2-band and a Super Finest, all from TGN. I pretty much like them all. I've been going over their site and I've come up with these: 24mm Grade A Silvertip 24mm...
  6. ezmike

    My Rubberset 400 Restorations

    Here are my 400 and 400-3 after undergoing progressive sanding from 320 to 3000 grit followed by Turtle Wax Polishing Compound and then Meguiar's Wax. They do not appear to be a high gloss as others seen here but they are nice. I filled in the #3 with Testor's Gloss Black which was difficult...
  7. ezmike

    Rubberset 400-3 My Second

    Okay, so I'm bitten by the Rubberset 400 bug. The same week I picked up my first one, an unnumbered 400, I picked up this 400-3. The knot looks line it was barely used. It's not twisted at all. Waiting for some high grit sand paper to restore this beauty. Mike
  8. ezmike

    Rubberset 400

    Picked up my first Rubberset 400 today of the bay. It should arrive mid next week. The seller claims there's no number stamped on the handle, is this possible? Next, I've seen other forumites restore these and polish the handles bright and shiney. How is that done? Lastly, if I what to replace...
  9. ezmike

    I took a chance with Mundus.

    A while back while looking through things on the Etsy site I came across this soap maker. There are many of them out there but what caught my eye was this one was located not too far from where I live so I decided to check it out. She produces both shave and bar soaps in various scents; spice...
  10. ezmike

    Pacific Rush...what's the big deal?

    I found a Dollar General on the way to my daughter's new house so I stopped in and picked up a bottle. I popped the top off and took a wiff, nothing, no determinable scent at all. The next morning it was my after shave choice. Splashed some on and boy, like pure alcohol, an instant wake up...
  11. ezmike

    Did you ever pay too much...

    ... for a bottle of AS when you could have bought it for less? Here's what I mean, I love the old time stuff like Old Spice, Aqua Velva, Skin Bracer and the basic Clubman/Pinuad products but I'm a bigtime fan of glass bottles. I know that vintage bottles of this stuff can "spoil" if not stored...
  12. ezmike

    Winter, Spring, Summer & Fall...

    Okay, I've read many posts where fellow forumites have commented that one AS or another was their "go to" based on the season of the year. I'll be honest, I don't understand the concept. What makes one AS more appropriate or better suited for the season? Thanks in advance. Mike
  13. ezmike

    Mennen Skin Bracer & Aqua Velva - Different Scents

    I'm especially a freak for the old scents that remind me of all the good things of my childhood. That's why I can't buy enough Schulton Old Spice, wear Original Mennen Skin Bracer, original Clubman Pinuad and Original Aqua Velva regularly. While surfing eBay I came across other scents of AV...
  14. ezmike

    The 3 Horses from Spain - Vie-Long Beauties

    With malocchio's advice and guidance I purchased 3 beautiful Vie-Long horse hair brushes from Gifts&Care in Spain. Juan was extremely helpful in walking me through this process. I purchased a 13061 50/50 bleached hair mix, a 13071M 35/65 natural brown mix and a Professional No.2 25/75 natural...
  15. ezmike

    Does anyone think I'm crazy...

    ...for purchasing 3 Vie-Long horses sight unseen and never tried before just because I've heard so much about them from the experts here on the B&B? Here's what's coming my way, a 13061 50/50, a 13071M 35/65 and a Pro No.2 25/75 from Juan at Gifts&Care in Spain. I choose Juan based on the...
  16. ezmike

    Proraso Pre/Post Sheave Cream

    Good evening, I've used the green jar in the 100ml size since I re-entered the wet shaving world and I noticed that the cream in the last jar was fluffier, less creamy, almost airy. Has anyone else had the same experience? Mike
  17. ezmike

    I've been busy...

    Not a real great photo but it shows all of my DE razors except for 2 mint, NOS Rotbart #15s, a Gillette #16 in a silver case with a reddish leather liner in the lid instead of satin, a Gillette #77, a Gillette Fat handle Tech in the blue and white case, a uncased Gillette fat handled Tech and a...
  18. ezmike

    Why weepers now?

    It all began a few weeks ago. Had been getting BBS shaves from both my DE and Schick razors day after day for well over a year when suddenly a few weeks ago I started getting weepers everywhere. My neck, cheeks, below my lower lip... I use Red Isreali Personnas, Isreali Personnas, Gillette...
  19. ezmike

    A little Schick/Eversharp razor help please

    Would any of the Military issue razors in the red or blue case have the spring that swings left to open the head? Mike
  20. ezmike

    How do you do your rotation?

    I'll go first. I pick a razor, blade, soap/cream and brush and use them for a week. How I pick each and in what order borders on the compulsive so I'll keep that to myself.:wink2: After Shave may change day to day based on what I'm feeling. Okay, your turn... Mike