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    Any affordable decent brush that doesn't shed?

    My shaving brush sheds 1~3 hairs every shave. At this rate, it's going to become unuseable in a few years. I'm looking for a new affordable brush that will not shed. Can you recommend any?
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    Did anyone have any experience with this gold dollar shavette? This one looks fine. It has 4 pillars instead of 2 for safer grip on blades.
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    Which shavette do you recommend?

    I decided to minimize maintenance and use a shavette instead of a straight razor. There are 10~20 USD ones that have 4.5 stars on amazon. There is also feather shavette which costs 68 USD. I'm quite confused with regard to which one to buy. Ideally, I want a shavette that is well built, lasts...
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    Is it ok to not clean a doubled-edged safety razor?

    I just thoroughly wipe it with toilet paper and a towel after each shave. There are youtube videos about cleaning a double-edged safety razor, but those videos don't really care about cleaning nooks and crannies. When I cleaned mine, I used alcohol and a cotton swab to clean nooks and crannies...
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    What is the easiest, simplest, or cheapest way to maintain a straight razor?

    Hard pasted strop (balsa or something else) If someone sells a prebuilt balsa strop, I may buy one. Unpasted leather strop + lapping film Unpasted leather strop + sharpening stone + lapping stone Pasted fabric strop? .....
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    Is it ok to use a double-edged razor blade for 2 weeks?

    I ended up using a personna double-edged razor blade for 2 weeks. I usually use one blade for 1 week. I didn't notice any substantial performance degradation, but it looked slightly rusted after 2 weeks although I wipe razor and razor blade thoroughly with a towel after every shave.
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    How do I travel with a safety razor or a straight razor?

    With a safety razor, I need a shaving brush, a shaving soap, and a shaving bowl. With a straight razor, I also need strop. How do you travel with either option?
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    I am paying for learning straight razor in blood and flesh.

    For the first time, I was able to achieve a close shave with a straight razor alone. However, I had to pay in blood and flesh. I got a shallow cut an inch wide under my chin. The razor drew some blood from my chin through razor burn. However, the shave was closer than a usual shave I can get...
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    I got an old hanging strop and a straight razor from Dick peck.

    The package @Dick peck sent me arrived home today. My first stropping on the strop left a few shallow scratches on the surface. I was glad that my first stropping wasn't on an expensive new strop. After watching a few videos about stropping, I learned how not to leave scratches on it. The razor...
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    Shall I buy naniwa 12k water stone for straight razor maintenance?

    I've seen naniwa 12k mentioned on several youtube videos. It seems to be the standard for maintaining a straight razor. @Dick peck mentioned it should be enough for me to hone a straight razor on a 12k water stone every month if I just wanted to maintain it and shaved with it everyday. I have...
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    Shaving with a straight razor three times without stropping.

    I shaved with Gold Dollar 66 straight razor three times without stropping. My first shave was only on the cheek. On my second shave, I shaved more areas. I watched some videos on straight razor shaving before the third shave. I practiced grips and tiny strokes with the razor on my bare face as I...
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    What tools do you recommend for maintaining straight razors and pocket knives?

    I got a shave ready gold dollar razor from @steveclarkus. I got Victorinox Spartan swiss army knife from my father. The knife is in a bad shape. He scorched it too much for sterilization. The knives are burnt. The edges are duller than a cutter knife from a stationery store. While I tried to...
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    Gold Dollar straight razor was delivered.

    steveclarkus sent a used one to me for free. It shows signs of wear and has a slight rust mark, but it is free, and it can last many years. In the picture below, I see a little mark which looks like rust, but I'm not sure. Can I remove the mark? Anyway, it definitely is sharp. At first...
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    Is it ok to hone and strop double edged razor blades?

    In theory, any blade can be stropped and honed. Why do I not hone and strop my own double edged razor blades?
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    Am I ready to shave with a straight razor?

    I have shaved with a double edge safety razor for about 3 years. I can shave with minimal abrasion and wihout nicks. I want to change things a bit and try a straight razor. Am I ready to shave with a straight razor? Am I going to get cuts?
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    How can I compress remaining fragments of shaving soap in a shaving mug?

    Those fragments rotate when I load my shaving brush. I'd like to compress those fragments into a thin plate. How can I do that? The inner diameter of that mug is 4 inches wide.
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    My newest batch of shaving supply from

    I decided to buy shaving supply from any place other than amazon this time. However, I forgot and bought shaving supply from Is anything suspicious in my order? What other websites can I buy from? I live in asia, so the shipping is not cheap. But, I don't know any local vendor...
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    Shaving soaps spin on my shaving bowl.

    I use a large 4" shaving bowl to store soaps and load soaps from. When I load a soap from the bowl, the soap spins, and small soap fragments split off. This feels wasteful. How can I prevent small soap fragments from splitting off from the main body?
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    You can use shaving foam as an emergency substitute for shaving soaps.

    I ran out of shaving soaps, but shaving soaps were still in transit. Thus, I went to a nearby convenience store and bought a can of nivea men cool kick shaving foam. Shaving foam is usually used with cartridge razors. Although shaving foam doesn't lather nearly as well as shaving soaps, if I...
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    My latest batch of shaving soaps, shaving mug, and shaving bowl

    I bought my latest batch of shaving supplies from amazon. Amazon delayed delivery for one week because I'm not an amazon prime member. Because I am not a US citizen and live far from USA, it took exactly two weeks for products to arrive my home. Next time, I won't order from amazon. Product...