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  1. TSWebster

    Floid Blue - I thought this stuff was supposed to be subtle?

    I've used just about all the Trumpers and T&H offerings, Speick, Musgo Real, Aqua di Parma, Aqua Velva (My go to it works well and fades fast so it doesn't interfere with cologne) and a host of other stuff. I normally have no problem with anything. The only other product that causes me issues i...
  2. TSWebster

    Floid Blue - I thought this stuff was supposed to be subtle?

    I have a large bottle of Floid Blue I bought a while back and after wearing it to work once and having my boss comment he thought I was wearing way to much cologne I put it aside and used some other things in my stash. However recently I wondered if perhaps I had just been a bit to eager in...
  3. TSWebster

    2013 - Shave Purchase Sabbatical - Gentlemanly Insanity

    Still in and going strong. I finally had a package arrive in the mail for some AS I bought last year though, I didn't think it would take that long to get here.
  4. TSWebster

    The Last Movie You Watched?

    I just watched War of the Worlds 2 The Next Wave and enjoyed it for the piece of pure pulp entertainment it is.
  5. TSWebster

    new computer. thoughts?

    Will you be doing much graphics work? The i7 just seems like overkill for just general use and some gaming I run Skyrim just fine with an i5 3570K. (But then I'm cheap when it comes to building my systems :tongue1:)
  6. TSWebster

    2008 B&B LE Brush

    Great to see this brush still gets some attention. The comparison Shavely Manden makes to Simpson Best is quite apt, it has a very similar feel.
  7. TSWebster

    2008 B&B LE Brush

    I can't be the only one still using mine every single week and loving it, its the best brush I own of the 3 I ended up keeping in standard rotation. But the only recent thread I've read about it had a few comments about it being to small, am I alone in thinking that it was the ultimate face...
  8. TSWebster

    Travel Brush

    The Simpson Major is a great brush, I use mine even when I'm not travelling.
  9. TSWebster

    2013 - Shave Purchase Sabbatical - Gentlemanly Insanity

    I'll jump onboard for no purchases in 2013. My one exception is if I somehow run out of something entirely I'll only buy cheap local replacements. With most of my gear that's unlikely but I may not have a years worth of AS.
  10. TSWebster

    New Products at SCS

    I'm just curious this description sounds pretty much like the old Gentlemen's Best Signature Series line of products that used to be available, is it the same product or just a similar scent?
  11. TSWebster

    SlagleRock makes 31,000 posts all about shaving

    Ladies and Gentlemen, We stand at the dawning of a great day and perhaps an even greater era. As I type this missive the great one, SlagleRock himself has achieved immortality by making his 31,000th post. Let us bask in its glory for a moment shall we? It is with such pearls of wisdom as...
  12. TSWebster

    Australian traveling box of goodies Round 3

    :thumbup1: You don't have to make me No.1 I just want to get it early. Not that I will turn down the first spot if I do get it.
  13. TSWebster

    arrrr... only threee days till...

    Tis not this pirate capn's fault that the czar di nae recognise tha holiest pirate day of the year.
  14. TSWebster

    More aggressive tech type razor

    Its an open comb design, but I'd recommend a Gillette ball ended Old Type. More aggressive, great shaver, cheap and plentiful.
  15. TSWebster

    Australian traveling box of goodies Round 3

    I voted post but I am happy to do a handover within the ACT. I would also like to be near the top of the list, I have some nice stuff set aside for the box.
  16. TSWebster

    Hopefully Australian Customs won't spot them.

    I think we know how it will go, John's new avatar is sans cigar.
  17. TSWebster

    Late Intro from OZ

    Well GSL remains firmly in Canberra hands :tongue_sm Welcome aboard mate!
  18. TSWebster

    Encounters with Stupid and/or Evil

    I am being framed I tell you!
  19. TSWebster

    Encounters with Stupid and/or Evil

    Lies and slander!
  20. TSWebster

    Can you date a SS Flair made in England?

    The British razors were not date coded until a lot later than the US made ones. Only the last few models made in the UK have specific date codes.