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  1. Dalejr

    Vintage Osco Double Edge Blades

    I have been using various modern blades from a sample pack for the past month or so with mostly sub-par performance. My joy of shaving had been diminished somewhat so tonight I cracked open a pack of Osco blades that I bought from a member here on the BST a few months back. They are private...
  2. Dalejr


    Can anyone figure out what this is from the photo? I know I'm not giving much to go on but that's half the fun.
  3. Dalejr

    Anyone out there got any experience with vintage Gillette Super Silver blades made in France?

    I have a small amount from England that are excellent and only use on special occasions. I've only ever used one French made Gillette blade that was an excellent performer only to leave me with neck irritation hours/days later.
  4. Dalejr

    WTB Gillette Rubie Ultra Stainless & London Bridge Razor Blades

    I know this is probably a long shot as I searched the internet high and low for a site that will ship these outside the Philippines with no luck. If there is any member in that part of the world that would be willing to buy some and ship them to me I would be extremely grateful.
  5. Dalejr

    Reese's Peanut Butter Cups

    Can anyone tell me what they are supposed to be/taste like? In Canada we have Reese cups it's been my go to snack food since I was a kid. They're always amazing: smooth chocolate, soft melt in your mouth peanut butter. Well the other week I read an article on how Canada's and your U.S. version...
  6. Dalejr

    Sharp Titanium Blades - A Nice Surprise

    I recently received a sample pack of new blades to try after getting bored with my same old same old top tier vintage ones (just kidding). I picked 2 varieties of the Sharp brand & decided to go with a Sharp High Chromium as my first choice, lets just say after 2 strokes of tugging and pulling...
  7. Dalejr

    Never Been Insulted By An Ebay Seller Before Until This Week

    Ive been a Gillette man for as long as I've been shaving and I've always been curious about the Schick Krona razor but never had the urge to buy one until earlier in the week I won a Ebay lot of vintage Schick blades. So I decided now would be a good time to get a NOS Krona razor & pair them...
  8. Dalejr

    RARE 1960's GILLETTE 195 Fatboy FAT BOY Bottom Dial SAFETY RAZOR with CASE

    So now that it's over anyone here grab this? I was watching but too rich for my blood.
  9. Dalejr

    Any Info On This One?

  10. Dalejr

    Strange Ebay Situation

    Well after a long run of great razor scores back in late June-July I committed to a personal driven sabbatical to save my wallet and bank account. Well last week just browsing for fun I seen a razor I've lost out on many times on an international Ebay site I asked the seller if he would ship...
  11. Dalejr

    Another Am I Picky/What Should I Do Question.

    Purchased a razor off Ebay on July 6th, NOS set with shipper. I probably overpaid a bit but don't care too much as it was a nice set. Before the seller shipped it he said one flap fell off the shipper as he was packaging it up. I explained to him I was extremely disappointed but still...
  12. Dalejr

    FS Vintage Gillette Super Silver Safety Razor Blades

    I have way too many blades and it's time to pass a few on. I have some Gillette Super Silver blades in packs of 3 and 5 for a total of: 122 blades. Asking $85 USD + cost of shipping to Canada & US only please.
  13. Dalejr

    I'm HeartBroken

    I've never had a lot of luck on eBay but when a nice looking razor came up for sale overseas I put in an offer and to my surprise the buyer accepted. Usually it's offer declined, or counters to an insanely high price. I was so happy I couldn't believe it. So 2 weeks go by, then 3 and now almost...
  14. Dalejr

    Applying Lacquer To A Razor??

    Just curious has anyone ever tried it? Maybe its not an issue for anyone else but I have some older gold razors in beautiful condition but have that iron(y) musty smell when I get them wet and use them, the smell lingers on both my hands and face for a bit after shaving and is a bit off putting...
  15. Dalejr

    WTB Looking for a Mint to NOS Aristocrat 1934-1936

    I know this is probably a long shot but in over 10 years of collecting this is the one razor that's eluded me. If anyone has one in their collection they would part with or knows where I can find one, any info would be greatly appreciated.
  16. Dalejr

    FS Gillette Razor lot E-1 Fatboy, Gillette Aristocrat Jr, Gillette Flair Rocket

    For sale I have 3 razors all in very good but user grade condition with minor plating loss from use, age and store over the years so look at the photos. The Fatboy could use its numbers repainted and the flair tip rocket has a lazy door not uncommon with British made Gillette razors.. All come...
  17. Dalejr

    FS Razor & Soap Lot

    For sale I have A P-1 Gillette Gold Super Adjustable in excellent condition minus some wear on the TTO knob from the past owner and has sat in my collection for too long not getting use so it's time to go to a new home. Second is a Ming Shi Adjustable only used a handful of times. Third is a...
  18. Dalejr

    Where Can I Buy Mexican Coke/Pepsi (Canadian)

    I have wanted to try these for a long time. I have searched high and low for a site that has them in stock, and ships to Canada but that's been a lot harder than I could have imagined. Most sites have Mexican Coke but not Pepsi, 99% Don't ship to Canada or want an insane shipping fee one store...
  19. Dalejr

    Soap/Cream Lot With Razor and 5 Pack Vintage Blade Surprise

    For sale as a lot only. 1. Vintage Yardley Lavender Shave Soap- Hardly used by original owner I would say once or twice tops. 2. CRSW Citrus- Used only twice 99% full 3. CRSW Jardin Orange- Used a handful of times 98% full 4. Col Conk Southwestern Sun shave soap- Unused 5. Maggards Lime and...