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  1. TimMechEngr

    It Is Coming

    Just exactly what is IT??? :confused1:confused1:confused1
  2. TimMechEngr

    I Think This Might Be Yours?

    I'm having fun just watching this!!! :thumbup::thumbup::thumbup: This is turning into a regular CARNIVAL!!! Prizes everywhere!
  3. TimMechEngr

    What does Memorial Day Mean to You?

    Rob, first let me say thank you for your service! That's what Memorial Day means to me... being grateful for those who sacrifice to protect the freedoms that most of us enjoy. I have a father who served in the Navy during WWII, one brother who served two terms in Viet Nam and another who...
  4. TimMechEngr

    To All of You

    Rick, I remember when you were looking for a doggie wheelchair. I'm sorry to hear about your loss. When my best friend (the one in my avatar) passes, it will be a sad day as well. I feel your pain.
  5. TimMechEngr

    Newbie just joined B&B

    Hi boru, and welcome to B&B! You made a good choice starting with the Merkur Barber Pole. It has just the right weight and balance to let the razor do the work when just starting out. It's a great all around razor even for a more experienced wetshaver. The Slant is another razor altogether...
  6. TimMechEngr

    Post your shave dens!

    Okay, Harry... We all know there's a lot more! Where's the rest of the den?!?
  7. TimMechEngr

    3D, here to stay or just a passing trend?

    This is my biggest complaint as well. I too, wear prescription glasses, and wearing glasses over glasses is a real pain. I experience the same problem with IMAX movies. You're so completely surrounded by the movie, you can't move your head fast enough to catch everything and see it in focus...
  8. TimMechEngr

    Post your collections

    You may have come across THIS THREAD, but it includes posting pics of more than just brushes.
  9. TimMechEngr

    Big Bob Gibson

    I like this idea a LOT!!! We could make it an NC Social Group Blowout! :yesnod::yesnod::yesnod: (and invite everyone else, of coarse)
  10. TimMechEngr

    A little bit of sculpture, scrimshaw and engraving.

    I think if I were the customer, I would be Extremely Happy with it! But, then again, I think I would be extremely happy with just about any razor you made for me! :yesnod::yesnod::yesnod:
  11. TimMechEngr

    Leaving Your Computer On Overnight

    That was cool!
  12. TimMechEngr

    NC Barbeque!

    John, the privilege was all mine. Good food and great conversation. My first meeting with a fellow B&B Member, and a very interesting gentleman at that! Any of you Carolina Members close enough to Charlotte should take this opportunity to meet John. His family is still in San Diego for...
  13. TimMechEngr

    NC Barbeque!

    Well, after PM'ing back and forth to set it up, John and I are off to Riverview Inn to feast on some good ole' southern, vein clogging, early death, deep fried seafood! Salt 'N' Pepper catfish, perch, flounder, shrimp in several varieties, clam strips, deviled crab, hush puppies, french fries...
  14. TimMechEngr

    NC Barbeque!

    John, I'm glad you found the Brunswick Stew at Hickory House to be excellent. I'll sometimes go there just to have that and and garlic bread. I've tried a few times to create that brunswick stew at home to no avail. Let us know your thoughts on Mac's Speed Shop. If you get the Mac Daddy, I...
  15. TimMechEngr

    The most you've spent

    $300.00 on this 1955 President:
  16. TimMechEngr

    A Scruffy 4,000 Posts!

    Congratulations to the Scruffster! He held me down and made me become a Gold Contributor! :scared: Actually, he made it very easy. Thanks, Harry!
  17. TimMechEngr

    Looking for best place to get Iridium, Shark, Astra

    The best price I've found on Shark Super Chromes is from howard1616 on ebay. $14.88 for 100 with free shipping from a very reliable seller. SEE HERE
  18. TimMechEngr

    I know that this might be considered heresy by many guys here, but . . .

    Stylin originally recommended this one to me, and I like it as well.
  19. TimMechEngr

    Shavemac! Nice....

    Stylin, we want pics!!!
  20. TimMechEngr

    Which area do you find trickiest to shave?

    Adam's Apple, not one of the choices.