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    Barber/Beard Trimmer

    Does anyone know a someone that trims beards in the Asheville, NC area. Thanks
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    TOBS Lavender- what's the deal?

    Thanks Edgard409. Ordered some after seeing your post.
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    TOBS Lavender- what's the deal?

    I too am a big fan of TOBS Lavender. I remember reading that it was no longer being made,(not sure about the Rose). I checked around and could not find any vendor with stock. I have since tried several other lavendes but they just don't match with TOBS.
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    Best smelling soap you've ever used?

    TOBS Lavender Soap. Too bad it's been discontinued.
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    Whats your top 5?

    As of today: TOBS-Lavendar Stirling- Anise Stirling-Glacial Wintergreen Mikes
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    Favorite Cheap Soap

    +2 on Stirling. Check their sales. Some really good deal on wonderful soaps.
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    Any Users Of Shave Oils?

    +1 on making your own. Works great and saves $$$ to use on other shaving items.
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    Handle & Mildness

    I have 3 questions that are related. 1. Will the handle of a Cadet TP-24, Parker 24C & Mekur 25C fit a Tech Head? 2. Of the 3: TP-24, Parker 24c & Mekur 25C which is the mildnest? 3: How do you rank the Tech with these other three? Thanks for your help.
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    Looking for some new soaps.

    Stirling & Mike's
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    Butterfly Safety Razor

    Super Speed or Parker. Love my 99R.
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    More Parker 99R Pictures.

    Love my 99R.
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    Got an amazing shave with '51 Tech

    I have a '51 & '57 Tech. Love them both. I use the '51 as my travel razor. It is packed & ready for Las Vegas on Saturday.
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    How many razors do you own?

    1 new & 4 vintage. Rotate every 4 day when I change blades.
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    Menthol Soap

    +1 for Stirling Glacier Wintergreen.
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    B&B Omega boar brush at west coast shaving :

    I needed a boar brush to go with my badger brush. Ordered from WCS just now so there a few left.
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    Thayers witch hazel, can u help me find it?

    Wally World in LA(not CA) carries Thayer's.
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    What's your best shaving interval?

    Usually every day. I shave in the shower which means after gym or yoga it's shower time. Plus summer time it's usually 2 showers a day & it's easy to add a shve.
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    Balm guys … What are your favorites?

    Jack Black Gel & a home made balm.
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    What's your soap for today?

    Mike's Lavandin & Eucalyptus
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    New To Wet Shaving

    Been reading & learning about Wet Shaving. Being New the members have been a great source of knowledge. 4 shaves in 4 days & getting better each shave. I've been keeping a log so I can look back to see what worked & didn't. Thanks to everyone for the info.