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  1. franz

    Just give me a reason.

    I'm nearing the end of my latest fling with MWF (:001_wub:) and am starting to think about which soap to tackle next. Leaning toward picking up an old favorite, but I'm having trouble choosing from among them. I'd appreciate some thoughts and opinions from you all. So, in other words, give me...
  2. franz

    EJ XL synthetic vs. Muhle STF 25mm

    Can anyone who has used these two brushes comment on the differences between the knots? I understand the fiber's the same. Knot diameter's the same. Unclear to me whether the loft is the same. It sounds like at least some people perceive the EJ knot to be more dense. I am mostly...
  3. franz

    Ice cube rub

    Anyone do an ice cube rub as part of their postshave routine? I'm finding it incredibly refreshing in the summer heat. Guess my tap water isn't cold enough. :laugh:
  4. franz

    Taking care of natural horn

    Hello gentlemen - I'm interested in hearing what you do to take care of a natural horn handled brush. I've heard some folks apply neatsfoot oil, or other types of oils/wax (e.g. mineral oil), to prevent the material from drying out and cracking. That's about all I know. Thanks for...
  5. franz

    My bathroom smells like Acqua di Gio

    The bottle's smashed, but my, does it make a room smell nice. RIP. :blush:
  6. franz

    You're one of the Shaving Gods for a day. What do you create?

    Title says it all. Oddly enough, I'm sticking with what's within the realm of possibility, but feel free to get more creative :001_smile I'd start with a gorgeously sculpted natural horn Semogue brush, knot size say around 28mm, with the softest tipped 2-band hair on the planet. You?
  7. franz

    "That" shave

    Do you know "that" shave? That one where everything comes together, almost as if by design -- where the whiskers practically cut themselves. I had one of those today. The tools I used were all what I consider to be high performers, but it wasn’t really about the tools. It was about...
  8. franz

    It's not a closed comb, it's a safety bar!

    There's no such thing as a closed comb. End of nitpick :001_tt2:
  9. franz

    Is there such a thing as TOO easy?

    Have you ever used a wetshaving product or piece of equipment that works so well it makes shaving too easy? This thought occurred to me the other day. For me, that product is AoS soap. All I have to do is put a brush somewhere nearby and it explodes with great lather. It's too easy. BTW...
  10. franz

    B&B Charity Auction, Lot No.4: H. L. Thäter, Triple Delight, SS, Mandom

    . Badger & Blade Proudly Presents: Auction Day to Benefit the Susan G. Komen Foundation In Memory of Sue Moore Come one, Come all and Gather 'Round. It is time for us to use the powers of our Acquisition Disorders for good. As described in the Announcement Thread to kick off Sue Moore...
  11. franz

    Thäter zwei-band: first impressions

    I know a few of us have jumped on the Thäter zwei-band train, so as they start to roll in -- please, share your impressions! This is the 4125/3 in ivory: Just arrived today. A couple of quick observations: As predicted, there's no way the knot corresponds to the listed spec of 28mm. It's...
  12. franz

    The 1/4 Turn

    I've had occasion to use the quarter turn method on a mild three-piece razor I recently picked up. For anyone who hasn't tried it, it's as easy as it sounds - loosen the razor handle approximately 1/4 of a turn, enough to increase the blade gap without making everything all loosey-goosey. This...
  13. franz

    The "Unlatherables": Caswell-Massey lathering challenge

    :scared: :a48: :cursing: :incazzato:out: Caswell-Massey shaving soap (and its sister product, the cream) is commonly reckoned to be about as unlatherable as it gets. Not even suitable for shaving. Something you wouldn't wish on your worst enemy. Conventional wisdom is sometimes wrong...
  14. franz

    The Nanny State

    Not the thread you were looking for? :001_tt2:
  15. franz

    Art of Shaving 20% off, July 22-24

    Friends & family promotion. You must be on their mailing list to participate.
  16. franz

    L'Occitane ASBs

    L'Occitane balms - what's your favorite? I picked one out based on smelling them in the store; the L'Occitan (confusing name, right?) was most appealing to me. It's lavendery and peppery to my nose. I am not experienced in balms, but it has become my favorite over the past several weeks. Any...
  17. franz

    "Inoffensive, workmanlike odor"

    Lately, I've been reaching more and more for MWF and Valobra stick. To me these two soaps epitomize the idea of "workmanlike" in scent: no-frills, simple, vanilla-y, soap-smelling. At the same time, these blue-collar workers are pure royalty when it comes to performance. They whip up gobs of...
  18. franz

    Winnipeg Jets, part deux

    Thoughts on the name? I thought it was a good choice. You canucks pleased to be getting your team back?
  19. franz

    Hot Or Not: Shave Cave Edition

    Gents, this thread is about the one item in your shave den that is "HOT" right now (you keep reaching for it), and the one item that you used to be "hot" for but hasn't inspired you lately. This can apply to anything: soaps, creams, brushes, razors, blades, A/S, whatever. Update as often as...
  20. franz

    Who wants some Stew?

    Hungry yet? Fellas, I just wanted to drop a quick note of introduction. I'll be serving as a new Stew in the General Shaving Discussion, alongside Jim (gearchow) and Chris (Go West Young Man). My main duties for now are cleaning up their empty beer cans and tidying up the place. These...