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  1. Dalejr

    Another Unknown British Aristocrat

    Yup because of the unique blade holder only seen on the first gen #14 and #20 sets, #19 first gen had gold of course.
  2. Dalejr

    What razor/ blade did you use today

    Aristocrat #19 + Personna SPC (3)
  3. Dalejr

    Another Unknown British Aristocrat

    That was my thoughts, someone custom made the lower portion of the case. Still unique and one of a kind I'm sure.
  4. Dalejr

    Post Shave Blade Care

    Not much really. Take it out rise under the tap put back in razor shake excess water off and then open razor on my stand to air dry.
  5. Dalejr

    Rubie Or Not Rubie!

    One last question for you as I assume you've also tried the London Bridge blades. What are your opinion on those, as good, better, less good? compared to the Rubie in terms of smoothness and sharpness. Thanks.
  6. Dalejr

    Rubie Or Not Rubie!

    Thank you sir, very much appreciated.
  7. Dalejr

    Rubie Or Not Rubie!

    Could we get some photos? A few of us are interested in them but would like to know what to look for in true genuine Gillette blades vs fakes.
  8. Dalejr

    Gillette Rubie Ultra Stainless

    Well that sucks. We would need a huge bulk order to offset the cost of shipping. For a business like Maggards or Razor Blade club it could work though as they deal in higher volumes.
  9. Dalejr

    Reese's Peanut Butter Cups

  10. Dalejr

    Gillette Rubie Ultra Stainless

    In my searches I just noticed this photo from Shoppee. New package design with Gillette logo.
  11. Dalejr

    Rubie Or Not Rubie!

    They are made in China so it could be possible a batch that never got ground or honed, slipped past quality control. If you had to choose which is better: Rubie or London Bridge? Also do you have photos of the dud blade?
  12. Dalejr

    Winner blades by Gillette India

    I emailed them, lets see if I have any better luck. Not too long ago I even created an account on a site in Indonesia & using google translate to communicate with various sellers hoping one might ship international but they all said no.
  13. Dalejr

    Blade Pif (for Members who’ve been here since 2016 or earlier)

    Not in for various reasons but this will make someone very happy.
  14. Dalejr

    Winner blades by Gillette India

    I would be one of the first in line. I had a fellow member from there who was going to look into cost via the regular post sending a few packs of each in envelopes over a month ago but never got a reply. I'm not sure if he forgot or just didn't want the hassle but I would have paid whatever the...
  15. Dalejr

    Fake shark?

    Although I do see minor differences I don't think they are fakes as every Lord branded blade I've seen or used has those unique and distinct lines running along the blade edges and I think that would be hard to fake/replicate.
  16. Dalejr

    Vintage Osco Double Edge Blades

    Later variations just say polymer coating applied.
  17. Dalejr

    Vintage Osco Double Edge Blades

    I have been using various modern blades from a sample pack for the past month or so with mostly sub-par performance. My joy of shaving had been diminished somewhat so tonight I cracked open a pack of Osco blades that I bought from a member here on the BST a few months back. They are private...
  18. Dalejr

    Safety Razor Acquisition Thread.

    How did I miss this, :blink: :thumbup::drool:
  19. Dalejr

    More new Czech Platinum blades (Tatra Platinum)

    I got a good laugh, will be ordering some as well to try in the near future.
  20. Dalejr

    What is Your Grail Razor?

    Your not alone.