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  1. TSWebster

    Floid Blue - I thought this stuff was supposed to be subtle?

    I have a large bottle of Floid Blue I bought a while back and after wearing it to work once and having my boss comment he thought I was wearing way to much cologne I put it aside and used some other things in my stash. However recently I wondered if perhaps I had just been a bit to eager in...
  2. TSWebster

    2008 B&B LE Brush

    I can't be the only one still using mine every single week and loving it, its the best brush I own of the 3 I ended up keeping in standard rotation. But the only recent thread I've read about it had a few comments about it being to small, am I alone in thinking that it was the ultimate face...
  3. TSWebster

    SlagleRock makes 31,000 posts all about shaving

    Ladies and Gentlemen, We stand at the dawning of a great day and perhaps an even greater era. As I type this missive the great one, SlagleRock himself has achieved immortality by making his 31,000th post. Let us bask in its glory for a moment shall we? It is with such pearls of wisdom as...
  4. TSWebster

    Which fabled products let you down?

    There are a bunch of very hyped products out there that get a lot of love on this board and whenever they don't work for someone shock is often the reaction. So what fail safe items DIDN'T work for you? For me: Red Pack Personnas (Plus Crystals and pretty much all the Israeli blades) -...
  5. TSWebster


    My precious B&B 2008 lost its head, the knot fell straight out. Should I return it to Kent or just re-glue it myself? I'm worried Kent would want to put in a new knot and then it wouldn't really be the Limited Edition if it got a new knot. Any suggestions on the best adhesive? I used Epoxy...
  6. TSWebster

    Inappropriate Attitude

    I have recently encountered a post made by one of the Moderators of Badger and Blade that really is just an unacceptable piece of slanderous garbage. I demand that an inquiry be made to investigate whether one Mr SlagleRock is truly the upstanding wetshaver he claims to be and not some form of...
  7. TSWebster

    Getting Penhaligon's samples from somewhere else.

    Does anyone besides Penhaligon's have samples of their colognes? I am having real trouble finding a sample of Hammam Bouquet and asking the Australian Distributor is not an option becuse they have reformed as a fashion publicity firm and aren't importing anything anymore but nobody seems to have...
  8. TSWebster

    Automated marking system fails Sir Winston I can't believe they actually think this system will work for grading papers, it failed Churchill, Hemingway and Golding.
  9. TSWebster

    Floid Blue

    I managed to track down a bottle of this stuff a few weeks ago and it is without doubt the finest after shave splash I have ever used. Great scent, feels good going on and fades quickly enough so as not to interfere with my cologne. I only wish it were easier to find.
  10. TSWebster

    I don't believe in IT

    You heard me, IT is a lie made up by the Mods to control us.
  11. TSWebster


    Testing, Testing, 1, 2, 3..............
  12. TSWebster

    Most amazing toolchest ever.

    I wasn't really all that sure where I should post this but I had to share it. Has anyone ever seen this amazing toolchest built by a pianomaker called H.O. Studley?
  13. TSWebster

    Double ring restoration

    The Gillette Double Ring, the first of its kind, the original DE, the razor so many of us covet. And lets face it its just damned cool to have a razor so damn tough it scares straights away A while back I got ahold of a 1904 'Pat Appld For' Gillette Double Ring in a lot of junk razors on...
  14. TSWebster

    What would be fitting?

    My Gillette Double Ring has after quite a lot of trouble been restored to a shave ready state. Now I need to decide what to use for its first shave and I am leaning 2 ways I either go for an ultra luxury shave (all Blenheim Bouquet) or I go for a shave with items that were in use when this DR...
  15. TSWebster

    Silver Replating

    I have seen replating on here done with gold, rhodium and nickel but does anyone offer to do plating with silver?
  16. TSWebster

    Scary concept if you ask me

    Anyone wanna share a shaver? UV sterilising wouldn't even clean the hair out of the head.
  17. TSWebster

    I think I could be the first.

    After a few weeks of experimentation I have decided that warm lather is not for me. I've tried it with my various scuttles as well as a few other techniques and I simply get better results from cool lather. Somehow something of the hydrating quality is lost when I heat the lather, I don't know...
  18. TSWebster

    Double Ring serial number

    No pics because my camera just can't handle macro its a cheapie. I recently got a Gillette Double Ring and have been trying to research it a little more. The handle says PAT APL'D FOR and there is a serial number on the inner tube. The Krumholtz guide then lead me to believe that the serial...
  19. TSWebster

    An Ever-Ready I have not seen before.

    Just got this one in a bulk razor lot pics are pre clean and polishing.
  20. TSWebster

    Acquisitions July 13 - 19

    Its the 13th here so I thought I'd start off the new week with my mega score. 2 honed straights, white strop pate, Aqua Velva, Williams, VDH and a Whole lot of safety razors including: Injectors Gillette Double Ring NEWs Old Types SuperSpeeds Aristocrats I got them all in a big...