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  1. TimMechEngr

    Acquisitions November 15 - November 21

    I'll start this week off, gentlemen. Everyone join in and show us your newly scored goods for this week. A 1955 President just took the front row center seat in my collection! I won it on da bay, and it should arrive this week. This picture belongs to the seller, but I'll post my picture(s)...
  2. TimMechEngr

    Penhaligons, Floris, or Creed?!?

    SWMBO would like to provide me some new fine scents for Christmas. Without knowing my preferences, I would like to know which brand is the best by the members here. I've heard a lot about all three.
  3. TimMechEngr

    Which Creed Scent is the Best?!?

    Creed is another of those fragrances preferred by many here at B&B. Being as SWMBO would like to provide me with some of these fine scents for Christmas, and without knowing my preferences, I would like to know which Creed scent is considered the best by members here.
  4. TimMechEngr

    Which Floris Scent is the Best?!?

    Floris is another of those popular scents here at B&B. Being as SWMBO would like to provide me with some new scents for Christmas, and without knowing my preferences, what does everyone here consider the best Floris scent from what is available today?
  5. TimMechEngr

    Which Penhaligons Scent is the Best?

    I've read a lot about Penhaligons here at B&B, and I've received a sample of Blenheim Bouquet EdT and love the scent! Well, SWMBO would like to provide me with a few of these exquisite scents for Christmas. Without buying a sample pack, and without knowing anything about my preferences, I...
  6. TimMechEngr

    Jordan from my town just won Big Brother!

    ... And a cool $500,000.00! Jordan comes from Matthews, NC which is in the same county as Charlotte. This is also the same town mretzloff (Matthew) comes from. It's quite possible he might know her or went to school with her! It was great seeing someone from my hometown win one of these...
  7. TimMechEngr

    6th National Shaving Collectibles Extravaganza - Serious Shaving Porn!

    I actually found this by accident over at the bay, but I found the website as well. I can't go to this, but it sure looks like the place to be for some serious collecting as well as draining your wallet. You might have to sell everything you own and live on the streets, but you could...
  8. TimMechEngr

    What is "Mint" to you?

    Boy, we sure see that word thrown around a lot, don't we? What does "Mint" mean to you? To me, Mint Condition means the same as in Coin Collecting. The product has absolutely never been touched by human hands, much less used in any way. It's still contained in its original wrapper awaiting...
  9. TimMechEngr

    Are there Gillette Razor Knock-Offs's (Fakes) on eBay?

    I've bought a few razors on eBay, and have been happy with my purchases for the most part. I feel much more confidence buying here on the B/S/T. All of this got me to wondering. Have you ever bought a fake Gillette razor? How would you know? What does one look for to know it's genuine...
  10. TimMechEngr

    Paint for Blue Tip or Red Tip SS?

    I recently acquired a B4 Blue Tip SS from the B/S/T. It's just shaver grade quality, but there's no brassing and its still fairly shiny with few scratches. I'll be cleaning and polishing it up tonight and plan on keeping this for my use. I would like to repaint the tip as close to its original...
  11. TimMechEngr

    RoyalShave PB2 First Rate Badger Brush - Great Quality! - Low Price!

    I purchased this brush from Royal Shave a while back, and it's been a fairly regular part of my rotation. It certainly doesn't stand up to my Shavemac D01 Silvertip, but for $27.95, I've been amazed at how well it does. It's soft, yet stands up pretty good, and whips up lather with the best of...