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  1. Retiredgene

    Question on Search Function

    I can do a Search when looking within in a Forum or in all of B&B and for one word, like the name of a pen, paper or ink. Somehow it may right in from of me but I'm not seeing it when doing a multiword search, like "laser lined paper" or "iron gall ink"? Thanks / Gene
  2. Retiredgene

    Chris Bohjalian on Writing

    A interview with the author, Chris Bohjalian appeared in yesterday's Boston Globe and I included a small excerpt with his quote in 2nd paragraph below jumped out at me: Next month, Chris Bohjalian will publish “Close Your Eyes, Hold Hands” his seventh novels in eight years. He has written five...
  3. Retiredgene

    Interesting Calligraphy Article

    Here is an article that was in yesterday's Boston Globe on White House Calligraphers that was interesting about the job they do in this day & age: Calligraphy Article Gene
  4. Retiredgene

    Testing How to Write A Link

    Calligraphy Article
  5. Retiredgene

    How to Use Up Ink Samples

    This might be an easy question for folks here but I'm a noob at The Nib: I have many ink samples of various inks I have been trying out to see what I would like to buy a bottle of later, at least 20 different samples. I have filled my pens that have the squeeze converter system in pens like...
  6. Retiredgene

    Blade Availability in Amsterdam

    I will be in Amsterdam in mid April, traveling for two weeks and since I do carryon, what is the availability of buying some "good" DE blades there and where they might be sold? Most times I will send ahead blades but that in usually in places where I know there isn't a selection or I'm kind...
  7. Retiredgene

    New York City Visit

    I will be in NYC next week and wondered if there was any places one should visit for pens, ink and paper? I found a place called, The Fountain Pen Hospital that looked interesting. Very interested in checking out paper & inks. Gene
  8. Retiredgene

    Is This Happening to You?

    I'm still trying to figure out "why" Mrs. Retiredgene sent this to me? I only took our medicine cabinet for a 4 razors and 30 after shave lotions, balms and skin food and the 50% of the closet for 1,100 razor blades & 22 reserve soaps & creams for when the shaveapocolypse occurs :wink2: Gene
  9. Retiredgene

    Brush Facial Rash?

    I searched for this topic in other threads but was only able to ones that mentioned it from razor blades, after shave balms or soaps / creams and the like. I was wondering if any others ran into the same issue of a facial rash / red blotches from their brushes? I had a beard for 30+ years...
  10. Retiredgene

    Question About Nacet Blades

    Comments, thoughts or any experience with Gillette's Nacet blades? I researched what has been posted so far, saw where mine were the Russian ones from WCS and a few folks though okay but that was back in 2009 / 2010. I finally got around to trying it from the sampler pack I bought from WCS and...
  11. Retiredgene

    Any Warm Weather Shaving Adjustments?

    Curious if the veteran BB folks make any shaving adjustments for warm weather? I had a beard for 30+ years and back into DE / wet shaving since December 2011 and this will be the 1st summer w/o a beard! Only issue of note so far is I don't face lather as i break out with a irritation whenever I...
  12. Retiredgene

    Test Pics

    Checking photos:
  13. Retiredgene

    Pasteur's Visit 3/31/2012

    Here is what I bought while in NYC / Pasteur's over the weekend. Since I have much "stuff" from other AD purchases as various websites, I kept a "tight grip" on the wallet while growing BUT couldn't quite resist the lure:shaving: Gene
  14. Retiredgene

    It's That Time

    Since the shaving has been going great, time to do what we all gotta do when that happens, BUY NEW STUFF! Some new QED purchases just came, great service and with a little gift from Charles! I'll be breaking in the SR 3824 & Omega Boar 8097 by lathering them starting tonight :001_smile Gene
  15. Retiredgene

    Here's My Bay Rum Collection

    dyyd - I wanted a Bay Rum AS & since I couldn't make up my mind between Ogallala and Captain's Choice, here is what I did: I like them all and today used the Bay Rum Lime & Peppercorn which SWMBO loved :001_tt1: Gene
  16. Retiredgene

    Father & Son Shaving Story

    I have been emailing my two sons for several months about my returning to de / wet shaving after a 30 year "hiatus" & some links to various BB Wiki shaving tutorials that were interesting. They made no comments as they are in their late 30s & early 40s and have been multi bladed, cart shavers...
  17. Retiredgene

    Progressing Up The Shave Ladder

    I am now using the final Derby that came with my December purchase of EJDE89L and have been using the last 7 weeks to practice my technique & learn about various products. So I have been slowly progressing up the shave ladder from my initial start , learning from every shave whether CCS, SAS...
  18. Retiredgene

    What Blade Next?

    Looking for some comments: I'm on the last of the Derby Extras that came with the EJde89l that I purchased in December. I am now the proud owner of 7 sampler packages of 5 blades each I purchased a few weeks ago. I did do a search and found a discussion thread in which basically most said...
  19. Retiredgene

    Progressing Up The Shave Ladder

    I thought I would take some time to mention the progress I have been making since coming aboard in early January, this after lurking about in November and December. Since yesterday's shave was excellent CCS approaching DFS in several areas and I would like to pass along many thanks to all the...
  20. Retiredgene

    Retiredgene Check in

    What a great site! I just wanted to jump in and introduce myself, retired for almost 15 years. I have been lurking, reading and thoroughly enjoying this site for a week now. I had been wet shaving / DE from the late 50s to 80s, went to the cartridges for "ease during working life", I just...