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  1. Tescot

    Brush Scuttles on the cheap @ World Market...

    Gonna have to look for a world market on my next trip to the mainland.
  2. Tescot

    My new alum stick

    Been using this for years as an anti perspirant. Glad to know I can use it for shaving if needed. It's amazing the things we use and don't know what they are.
  3. Tescot

    Case Tumbler for Polishing Blades This is the last page and GSSixGun has a review of the method... Just picked up a tumbler today to give this a try!
  4. Tescot

    best sealer for wood handle?

    My shaving bowls (which are oiled) keep a nice shine to them! But they are only a few months in my possession.
  5. Tescot

    Buying a double edge for my husband

    A Gillette FatHandled Tech is my first recommendation. You can get one in great condition for $10-20. Edwin Jagger DE89 next in the $35-40. (I have the lined version) slightly less gentle then the Tech, but a beautiful gift. (New product) I have to say the Gillette Slim Adjustable is a great...
  6. Tescot

    best sealer for wood handle?

    I keep all my wood shaving items with a regular coating of mineral oil (once every 1-3 months, as needed)
  7. Tescot

    Over Priced Garbage

    I can partly agree with this. I have found one that is excellent for touch up passes,but not for pre shaving.
  8. Tescot

    Closer Shave?

    DE BBS new to SR and getting CCS. Still working on it.
  9. Tescot

    Where are my Anti-RAD minimalist brothers!

    Sweet STR8! I'm just getting into them but I love the scale/bone tangs!
  10. Tescot

    Where are my Anti-RAD minimalist brothers!

    I'm a minimalist at heart. Just right now I am caught up in AD. I will eventually settle down back to my natural minimalist state. Having fun playing now. As of right now I am starting to play with Str8s. So many toys! YEAH! Give me another 18 months and I'll settle down into a comfortable...
  11. Tescot

    They're spreading the word...

    Thanks for the DB flashback... Awesome - Same as it ever was! Wow -Those Hart Steel's are very tempting! Now, if they can do a barber's or Spanish point! I'm with you. To get to a decent shave shop I need to travel 2500+ miles. There is one shop here, but it's new and the product line is...
  12. Tescot

    They're spreading the word...

    I agree that it would be nice to have a community here, but I do like walking into a room and getting a subtle nod from fellow wet shavers. One thing I do need to remember... just because someone picks up a DE and a 100 pack of Derbys doesn't mean they know what a badger is. I like the little...
  13. Tescot

    Lapping film, try it.

    I have granite from a leftover project that I am happy to send if anybody wants. Just pay for the one-rate box/shipping.
  14. Tescot

    Col. Conk Storage?

    I just put mine in a hot chocolate mug and load my brush as such. I used to use the hot chocolate mug to lather too, but went through the soap very quickly. I have been considering leaving it in the plastic so I could try the different 'flavors' of the Col's. (So far only Almond, but that was...
  15. Tescot

    Is Lynn Abrams still Honing for Hire ?

    As if I didn't already have enough to be grateful for from you (Thank you BTW for all your wonderfully helpful posts), but now this! LOL Lovin' it! Atta boy! I've got about 3 under my belt. What's the minimum limit? LOL I've got a boxful to be honed, I just need the time!
  16. Tescot

    Shaving bowl question

    I purchased them on the island of Kauai at a local market (artist's stand) to go with my mango shave set a friend made for me. (Same friend is making a mango soap dish for me to match the bowls.) Not so much of a hair screen, but yes. The idea is to control what goes down the drain, (a feng...
  17. Tescot

    How to make your own roll-up case for straight razors

    Thanks, I really appreciate that! Make sure you are logged in to see the pics!
  18. Tescot

    Art of Shaving - 30% off $75 minimum order - "Brotherhood" Members Only?

    The real question is what would you get? I just loaded up on lavender SC, but what would you buy?
  19. Tescot

    Does a DE make my beard grow quicker?

    The closer shave with the great exfoliant effect and you are noticing it more. If you used an electric razor you never had a decent shave so the daily growth was barely noticeable. If you used a cartridge the lack of exfoliant effect made the stubble more manageable because although the shave...
  20. Tescot

    Shaving bowl question

    I love it. Here are my bowls. The big one holds the rocks that normally sit in the sink. The medium one I lather in. A friend is making me a bowl with lid to hold my soap. All three bowls nestle inside one another. Two Mango Wood bowls - Mango wood soap dish is on the way. I originally was...