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    Is a Simpson Manchurian Brush for Me? Poll w/Background Info.

    About 4-5 years ago I had a Simpson brush in 2-band Super that I really liked, but ended up letting it go in a den clear out. It's been a few years since I've bought a new brush, but I'm thinking about getting another Simpson soon. I see that Simpsons no longer offers 2-band Super brushes but...
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    Kaweco Sport Eyedropper?

    Anyone bought one of these and converted it to an eyedropper? I'm thinking of doing this, anyone care to share any experience with the Kaweco Sport pens in general? I don't currently have one and I'd be curious about the durability overall and the different nib options/smoothness. How does the...
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    Pilot Custom Heritage 92 - Initial Impressions

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    Lamy 1.5 Italic Nib - Initial Impressions

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    Parker 51 pricing for "restored" pens

    So, in the next month or possibly sooner I think I'm going to see what all the fuss is and try a P51. If I get one, it will be a gold nib, aero-filler model, but the prices I've seen are all over the place. From webstores that are run by pen refurbishers/restorers, they seem to be in the...
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    Considering these pens: Sheaffer Imperial IV and Pilot Heritage 92

    I'm thinking about buying one or both of these soon. Anyone have either one of these? How do you like them? Pros/Cons? Got any pics you can show with some popular pens next to them?
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    First Ever Car Accident - 2012 Elantra Rear Ended - Advice for Dealing with Insurance

    Short story: 2012 Elantra, less than 5K miles, bought new (financed through bank). Got rear ended earlier this evening. There is a good bit of damage but the car was drivable, so I tore off what was left of the bumper and drove it home. In my state (MI), when a driver from behind rear-ends you...
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    Lamy 2000 Initial Impressions

    Here are my thoughts on my new Lamy 2000 - Medium Nib. Initial impressions written with Pelikan Violet on Staples Sustainable Earth sugarcane paper.
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    New Ink Purchases for Local Store

    Yesterday I bought: Noodler's Bad Blue Heron Diamine Delamere Green Pelikan Violet I also ordered: Lamy Blue/Black Was thinking of getting some kind of burgundy ink. I wanted to try Private Reserve, but I read some stuff about many bottles of the stuff turning to sediment so I put it...
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    "Clipper" Vintage German Piston Filler

    So I took a chance on one of these from eBay but I've not had much luck finding info about these pens. Is there anyone on the board that bought one of these? If so, how do you like it?
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    Tell me more about waterproof inks...

    Are there any that are relatively easy to use without pen clogging issues? If so, what pens play nice with them? I've heard about Lamy blue/black, Diamine Registrar's Ink, and the Noodler's Bulletproof inks but have no experience with them... One thing I don't want is an ink that takes forever...
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    New Ranga Pen - Disappointing

    1) Full shot of pen in included velvet gift box. The box is really large...it would probably fit about a dozen pens. 2) Close up of pocket clip and cap. Very cheap looking clip with the plating already flaking off. Finish on the tail end of the cap doesn't look quite right. 3) Pen...
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    Help me fix a new blobby/messy Nemosine Singularity

    New to FPs here, so please bear that in mind. I just received a new Nemosine Singularity fountain pen yesterday from Amazon. Yesterday, when I filled the pen with the converter and my bottle of Diamine brand ink, the ink seemed to "gush" out of the nib in blobs when I tried to write with it...
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    Does anything write as wet and smooth as a Waterman?

    So I'm still getting used to my new pens, having mostly used cheap ballpoints for many years. Right now I am a Lamy Al-Star and a Waterman Phileas. Both are using their own respective brands of ink, but the Waterman has a cartridge in it, whereas I'm using the converter in the Lamy. Both are...
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    First Two Pens, More on The Way

    So I did end up ordering the Lamy Al-Star, and half a dozen pens from India. Then I decided I couldn't wait and really wanted an FP now. I went to Staples and bought a Pilot Plumix. Then I decided I wanted a "real" FP, and what do you know, there is a store that specializes in FPs and high end...
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    Suggestion for easy to use fountain pen that is not leak prone

    What is a good starter fountain pen that is relatively hassle free and not leak prone? The only FP I've ever used was an inexpensive store bought one 20 years ago that took little cartridges. Something that I can use for daily business writing and not worry about making constant adjustments or...
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    Semogue SOC Boar - Pics and First Impressions

    1) New brush, pre-bloom. 2) Test lather with E-Shave Avocado & Linden shaving soap. 3) Post-bloom density check. 4) Bloomed brush. 5) Lined up with my other Semogues L to R: SOC Boar, 2030B, 1250, 2015 and SOC Badger.
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    Should I buy a Merkur 11C?

    I've tried a handful of vintage Gillettes and over time settled on the EJDE89L as my daily shaver for over 2 years. I'm really not into swapping razors all the time like some guys here. However, I've never tried an open comb razor and would like to. A store near me sells some Merkurs, including...