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  1. Steeleonious

    Any experience with Wet Shaving Products solid cologne?

    Has anybody tried any of the Sold Colognes from WSP? Do you think they'll last? Some of the scents WSP has are awesome and I'm tempted to buy a solid cologne but I can't find any discussion in the forums. I'm interested to hear your thoughts.
  2. Steeleonious

    Free Brush...

    The was my first brush. I have recently acquired three new brushes and don't need this little fellow any more. It was given to me (slightly used) and I'm happy to give it to you... I thought it would suit somebody relatively new. So if you're interested or know someone to whom you would like...
  3. Steeleonious

    Steeleonious's Entry to the Hall of Fame

    What is your real name? Steele What are your nicknames/aliases? Countless... feel free to make your own Where do you live? Oakland What is your age (or) generation? 32 years old What are you in the real world? A student What is your favorite shave setup? I've been using a custom Williams...