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  1. Bogeyman

    Worst shave I've ever had

    Please post photos of your Super Thin blade & packaging. I don't mean generic photos, but that of the exact blade you used, please.
  2. Bogeyman

    Mr. Fine soaps

    Or you could just get a modern YaQi synthetic brush. ;)
  3. Bogeyman

    Is Wolfman raising prices again

    And other than pride of ownership and "weiner measuring" on shaving forums what would that be?
  4. Bogeyman

    The Tech Clone Wars

    YingJili makes the modern Gillette branded Tech. It has not only a thinner top cap, but base plate as well. This changed the "sweet spot" just a tad and to be frank if not for the feeble head weight this would be the best shaving Tech IMO. It certainly is the most maneuverable.
  5. Bogeyman

    Gillette Tech

    Actually, they don't as Gillette held good specs for a non-CNC World. I have measured the blade gap on pre-war, post-war, ball end & English (flat bottom & ball end) and they all were within approx. + or - 0.002". That's damn good for today, let alone mid 20th century. Personally, I don't...
  6. Bogeyman

    The Tech Clone Wars

    It looks to me exactly like the modern Gillette branded Super Blue/Sterling/Rubie DE razor which is totally made of some type of "pot" metal. I have one and while they give a DFS they are extremely lightweight and I assure you no stainless steel parts.
  7. Bogeyman

    Any experience stropping to resharpen safety razors?

    It's not. It erodes slowly, however that varies according to beard, passes, technique, etc., not unlike tires.
  8. Bogeyman

    PAA Injector

    If you see an M Model adj. there it's mine. I left it there by accident. P.S. She's out of beer.
  9. Bogeyman

    The Tech Clone Wars

  10. Bogeyman

    The Tech Clone Wars

    This has already been done so to speak for those who would peruse the archives. Almost all of these "clones" are Rimei or Baili as the old Lord Tech clone has been dropped for their Merkur clone. The Lord shaved closer than a real Tech and the Rimei QC is atrocious. The Baili three piece is the...
  11. Bogeyman

    Shampoo bar suggestions

    Walmart now sells these in the cosmetic section. They are made in China, but they work and work well.
  12. Bogeyman

    Sandalwood soaps & creams

    Real sandalwood oil is circa $1,500.00 per oz. last I read.
  13. Bogeyman

    R R Gilette Black Beauty

  14. Bogeyman

    Any experience stropping to resharpen safety razors?

    Stropping removes the blade coating which is what imparts smoothness. The edge sharpness is not that important in the grand scheme of things. The edge hardening process is.
  15. Bogeyman

    GSB Questions

    I don't know exactly.
  16. Bogeyman

    Ever have weepers no matter what?

    That's because those three razors are all in the "Goldilocks zone" for aggression. Pay no attention to the "showboats" who bloviate about using an R41 weak handed while talking on a cell in traffic. Most shavers don't want a very aggressive razor.
  17. Bogeyman

    Ever have weepers no matter what?

    Weepers, cuts, etc., are caused by bad technique or using a razor too aggressive for your needs. Stick with one plate.
  18. Bogeyman

    GSB Questions

    IMO the hone angle is slightly different. GSB is approx. 15°.
  19. Bogeyman

    Wizamet Super Iridium, real or not?

    Why??? Ebay is chock full at the best prices I've seen.
  20. Bogeyman

    Concerned about hygiene of vintage SE razors

    Do you germaphobes take a flamethrower into public restrooms? :001_tt2: