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    Thick flat laying hair. Maybe needs a new razor?

    I have been shaving with a DE razor for about 2 years now. Ever since I started I have struggled with the hair on my neck and chin. The hair grows from my chin to the ear and flat against the skin. It also grows really think. It can stop a feather blade its tracks. This is a combination of the...
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    Looking to get some new soap and need some suggestions

    Hi everyone I am looking to try some new soaps. I do have some issues with scents. I get eczema and some scents will make me break out. Eczema is an allergic reaction that produces an itchy painful rash for anyone that does not know what it is. Scent I cannot use are sandalwood, bay rum, woody...
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    Need Help!

    The past month i have tried to go against the grain and i am having issues. The problem is i am getting allot of nicks. I think its important to mention that is only under my jaw line where it seems the hair is a bit rougher. The blade feels like it tugging and skipping. Even after going against...
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    Noob From Palm Bay FL

    Hi every1 I am LoKi i am 23 and in live Palm Bay Florida. I started shaving with a safety razor and a brush about 3 moths ago. I can now say that i enjoy shaving. One day i would like to transition into a straight razor. Before i try it myself i would like to get it done by a barber. There is...