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  1. weekly

    Is Oneblade struggling ?

    Nice try but I honestly don't think many People are going to fall for that line.
  2. weekly

    Is Oneblade struggling ?

    $20. For a plastic razor with a bad track record , not to mention those Dreadful Feather blades. Oh boy that sounds great sign me up immediately.
  3. weekly

    Machining marks on my CG razor

    Thanks for clearing that up for me. I now understand.
  4. weekly

    Is Wolfman raising prices again

    Has anyone heard about recent Price increases of razors on the Wolfman Website or the Google Order form. For example solid & Hollow handle prices. Or basic vs Mirror finishe prices.
  5. weekly

    Gillette Fatboy

    I have received a full refund from Ebay. I have never lost one PENNY doing business with Ebay or PayPal.
  6. weekly

    Machining marks on my CG razor

    Last Last time I looked at the Wolfman site The prices were $250. Basic and $450. For mirror finish, so where did you find The prices that you post.
  7. weekly

    SOTD "FREE WEEK" October 7th - October 13th, 2019

    A really perfect 3 pass Shave a 10/10 The shaving cream is probably not Going to be many top favorites list but I really like it a lot , in fact it's quickly Becoming one of my favorites, the scent Is a rather strong woodsy and a very tiny Hint of bourbon, the lather is very slick & Long...
  8. weekly

    Gillette Tech

    Hey that's great Thank You Sir.
  9. weekly

    Gillette Tech

    Would you happen to remember what Size that washer is , I'm going to look Around the internet and see if I can find The best/correct one to go on some of My razors.
  10. weekly

    Rapira Platinum Lux

    In my experience the blacks a quite a bit Sharper than the Plat Lux.
  11. weekly

    Premium razor most like GC84?

  12. weekly

    For those seeking to buy a Wolfman...

    Man that is really nice and also nice looking. So that's the basic polished! That's the one I ordered on the email Google form. It sure is nice to see your Photos of the basic finish option. I'm at The waiting stage put in the order on Sept 7 now I'm just about there, one more Email from...
  13. weekly

    Blackbird or Dart?

    I like both equally so I let my Brother in law choose one so he picked the Blackbird so I let him have the bird at cost and kept & The DART. And this baby ain't going nowhere
  14. weekly

    Wizamet Super Iridium, real or not?

    Keep in mind that Post that raised the Glue issue was referring to the glue That holds the tuck closed not the stuff On the blade
  15. weekly

    Noob shaver, Blackland Blackbird review

    Well buddy that looks like some pretty Fine analysis too me. I Stand corrected Thanks for sharing your research.
  16. weekly

    Noob shaver, Blackland Blackbird review

    Ok so good work guys , got me good That time , I did nothing special but Shave with WR2 I would buy one based On what I thought was very efficient but Negative blade Exposure, the Negative Blade Exposure was actually one of the Selling points for me, Oh well I sure missed the mark on that...
  17. weekly

    Noob shaver, Blackland Blackbird review

    The reason I say it has negative blade Exposure is Because it actually does. So you go and do some testing and prove Me wrong, but I doubt that you'll be able To even with the larger gaps. But I could Be wrong But I don't think so , in this particular case. Just can't find @Esox when you...
  18. weekly

    Blackbird or Dart?

    Look at post #13 again & you'll notice That all of his razors that the Blackbird Has knocked out of rotation have the Super Rigidity design. As for me I can Definitely do without the Rigidity, but if I'm trying to choose between razors and All the other criteria required for my Decision is...
  19. weekly

    New stuff at work.

    And Suspense is in effect
  20. weekly

    Noob shaver, Blackland Blackbird review

    This will be interesting since the BB has Positive Blade Exposure & The Wolfman2 Has Negative blade Exposure , that and The Wolfman2 holds the blade with a Death grip and the BB has quite a bit of Blade over hang.