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  1. TinyTim

    Looking to Buy Binoculars

    I'm looking for some good binoculars, new or used, for general use. I'd prefer a pair that are medium-sized. I don't know much about optics or the specifics of binoculars, so am interested in any suggestions you may have. I know that prices range considerably and my price range is under $200...
  2. TinyTim

    First Shine on New Shoes

    I have a new pair of leather boat shoes. Any suggestions for conditioning and shining these? Anything different that you do on new shoe leather beyond the shoe shine basics?
  3. TinyTim

    A Question for Cartridge Users

    I assume that the large majority of Badger and Blade members use some version of either a DE or a Straight razor. I switched from a cartridge to DE in 2013 and have not gone back, despite some early struggles getting the knack of DE razor technique. Some of you may prefer to use a cartridge...
  4. TinyTim

    Daily Shaving

    A question for those of you who do not shave daily. What is the reason(s) that you do not shave daily? I prefer a clean-shaven look and find that I can go about 36 hours between shaves to maintain that appearance, but almost always shave every 24 hours to stay with a routine. In addition...
  5. TinyTim

    Clothes Storage

    For those of you who pack up and store clothing at the end of a season, what is your method of storage? I've been reading some about this and it seems that most recommendations are to (1) clean the clothing first and (2) store it in either plastic bins or in cloth storage bags. I also give away...
  6. TinyTim

    Vietnamese Tea

    Vietnam is the 5th largest tea producing nation in the world. Most of their tea goes to the commodity tea market, but there are now some fine single-estate teas available. I recently ordered some tea from a company that sells online, recommended by a tea expert. Check out Hatvala.com to learn...
  7. TinyTim

    No thanks

    It seems that with every passing year, the practice of sending some kind of written thank you note for a gift is fading away. We send baby shower gifts, graduation gifts, birthday gifts, and other special occasion gifts, but about a third of the time receive no acknowledgment of the gift. One...
  8. TinyTim

    A Question For Preshave Users

    For those of you who use some type of preshave, how many of you use it before each pass? I have been experimenting with this lately and have noticed that it results in a somewhat smoother shave. I usually do 3 passes with a cleanup.
  9. TinyTim

    What do you call stubble?

    The short, stiff hairs growing on a on a man's face that has not been shaved for a while are known as stubble. Here are a few other terms that I've heard for stubble: Whiskers, bristles, and five-o'clock shadow are some older synonyms Designer stubble, double stubble, and permastubble are...
  10. TinyTim

    Old Tea Plantations/New Life

    Here is a heartwarming story, especially so if you love tea as I do. When the Soviet Union was dismantled in 1989, many of the tea plantations in the Republic of Georgia were abandoned. Last year a group of young entrepreneurs resurrected a number of the old tea plantations and began...
  11. TinyTim


    I've checked audiobook CDs out at the Library for years. They're now converting to streaming. I'm interested in the pros and cons of commercial audiobook services. Any suggestions from those of you who have experience?
  12. TinyTim

    Tea Exchange

    Is there a tea exchange going on Badger and Blade, where members swap samples of specialty teas they have with other members. If not, is there any interest in this?
  13. TinyTim

    DIY Home Dry Cleaning

    Has anyone used any of the home dry cleaning systems, using the dryer and a packet of chemical additive, for example, Dryel or Woolite? What are your thoughts about their effectiveness? If you got good results, is there a specific brand you recommend? If you use a home dry cleaning kit, what...
  14. TinyTim

    Northwest Tea Festival

    The NW Tea Festival will be held in Seattle on Saturday, September 29 and Sunday, September 30. www.nwteafestival.com
  15. TinyTim

    Made in England

    I want to try an English deodorant despite their high price. Thought I'd see what your favorites are before choosing one to try. I've used some other products from TOBS, D R Harris and a couple of others, which are all excellent.
  16. TinyTim

    A Light Touch

    I've been a member of B and B for 5 years and enjoy the common interests and wonderful guys who post here. One of the things I like about shaving with a DE blade is that it is fun to experiment with different blades, technique, soaps, aftershaves, etc. I've been refining my technique and...
  17. TinyTim

    Foot Cream

    I've tried, with some success, a number of creams specially formulated for feet. Do any of you have a favorite you'd recommend?
  18. TinyTim

    T-Shirt Question

    I received a marine blue 'Long-Tail" Duluth t-shirt as a Father's Day gift. It does indeed have a long tail. What is the purpose of a long tail? Is it so the t-shirt stays tucked in? I thought that t-shirts worn without an outer shirt are never to be tucked in.
  19. TinyTim

    Sad News for Umbrella Lovers

    I recently discovered that one of my favorite umbrella stores, The Umbrella Shop in Vancouver, BC. closed its doors at the end of last year. They manufactured excellent umbrellas, made to last and last and last. Any of you visited this shop? What's your favorite umbrella or umbrella store...
  20. TinyTim


    I got the word today from the IRS when I attempted to e-file my 1040 tax return and it was rejected. I called the IRS and they told me that I was the victim of identity theft. Anyone else have this happen? What did you do to straighten it out?