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    D.R. Harris Mayfair Cologne

    I have it and wear it from time to time. Its a very floral, powdery, musky vintage-style cologne. Its not exactly like the CM Jockey Club (the old one) but it has the same powdery barbershop vibe but with more flowers.
  2. S

    Frag to match Razorock Medico della Peste?

    It's SMN Potpourri. I think it is an attempt at a copy of it just as with the del Fiore and SMN Toscano. Potpourri is excellent if a bit unusual.
  3. S

    Peterson P-Lips- Are you a fan?

    IMO its a solution looking for a problem.
  4. S

    Two questions in one - Old Boy Flints / Ferndown Pipes

    Ferndown pipes are top notch and have a unique but traditional English style. My only complaint is that many Ferndowns are a bit robust for clenching.
  5. S

    No guard DE?

    Sir, the honor is all yours! I guess I must give this thing a shot. Best, Speas
  6. S

    Royall Aftershaves

    You can buy these online for around $30 for the 8oz. Very reasonable IMO. I like and use the Lyme and Vetiver also but the Muske is my favorite.
  7. S

    No guard DE?

    I saw this on etsy - perhaps its been posted previously but I couldnt find it. It has the "industry leading open strait razor head" (hah). I wonder how many folks pick this up thinking its a standard DE and cant make it work...
  8. S

    Petal Pusher Fancies

    Are all of their soaps now the old PPF formula? I find the PPF soaps I have (amber and coconut) to be great and the HGTAM I have (gondolier) to be just ok.
  9. S

    Favorite floral soap

    Catie's gardenia is very nice.
  10. S

    What is Amber?

    I dont really know what all is in the fragrance but I like that one as well - used it this morning. It does have a musk component to it. Its not a soap but Royall Muske cologne has a scent that is in the ballpark.
  11. S

    Clix Five Hundred

    I have one and use it on occasion. It is fairly mild to me, similar to a Tech. The build quality and design are both very good. I often use mine as a travel razor.
  12. S

    Gillette "new" long vs short vs whatever?

    I find the LC a bit smoother than the SC. The Ikon is more like the SC to me but perhaps a hair closer shaving. In the big picture you can throw a hat over the group. I dont think you can change aggressiveness by the blade selection as you suggest.
  13. S

    Anyone order an ATT razor in the last few days?

    I ordered about a week ago and got my order in around 5 days (East Coast). No worries - also I will say that the M2 is great!
  14. S

    Ikon Deluxe OC = ATT ?

    I have both the ATT M2 and Ikon OC. I think the Ikon is just slightly milder than the M2. If you like the Ikon then you'll like the M2, IMO.
  15. S


    Definitely not gone - my barber uses a cloth to apply the talc. I myself have moved to the Pinaud Bath Talc from the Pinaud Clubman Talc. It smells a bit different but doesnt have the pink coloring added.
  16. S

    Tubs or Tins? Any Preference?

    I like the ppf and synergy soaps but hate the tins. Pain to open and rust quickly. I think B&M has the best tubs - wide enough and deep enough for good loading but not too deep.
  17. S

    Show your Cooncatbob razors

    Ebony wood. I still use this most days after 3 years. Its the best handle I've come across due to perfect weighting and control. Sadly, there is a hole in the razor handle market for handles like these. Not sure how I'd replace it.
  18. S

    Looking for a MILD modern stainless OC razor -suggestions? lkon, ATT?

    Ikon OC deluxe is a good choice. It is slightly more aggressive than an New LC but not markedly so. I prefer it to the New LC, SC, and Deluxe. I've not tried the ATT M2 but I would like to.
  19. S

    Lavender Water

    I've looked for the Cella myself but the only US retailer with Cella that I have found is Italian Barber but he's out of stock for quite some time. Not sure if it will be restocked as I havent asked. If anyone knows where it can be found stateside, please advise.
  20. S

    B&M wasn't super slick - need advice

    I think it is possible that the B&M just wont be as slick as some other soaps for you, probably due to your water. I have B&M Cheshire - the fragrance is great, the performance is good but not as slick as Tiki, PPF or Caties Bubbles for me and I am quite sure it is not lathering technique for me.
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