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Search results

  1. Itazuramono

    Injector blades in Auto Strop razors?

    Let's say I take the measurements of a Feather FHS-10 blade and subtract from it the length of an injector blade, then I 3D print an object with those dimensions and set it down on a flat surface and put an injector blade right next to it and stick some strong tape tape to them to stick them...
  2. Itazuramono

    Is the Valet Auto Strop VC1 actually adjustable?

    So, I've seen some say the Valet VC1 is adjustable with the lever on the back. I just got one and I can kinda see what they're talking about but at the same time if I "adjust" it, the blade is held more loosely and kinda wobbles up and down and I'm scared to try shaving with it like that. Will...
  3. Itazuramono

    Is there a way for me to straighten the door on my Gem razor?

    I recently bought a 1912 type Gem Junior razor on eBay and I've noticed that the door just barely doesn't clamp down all the way on one side. It still seems to hold the blade in place just fine and everything but it still bothers me a little and I was wondering if there's anything I could do to...
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