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  1. Mr.Max

    Kent Vs. Vulfix, differences?

    Dan, the kent brushes are a good bit denser than the vulfixes, but is still very much in the soft brush category. The kent bk4 is a whiz with hard soaps however. Almost effortless for me.
  2. Mr.Max

    who makes the softest brush

    I would say a Vulfix Super.
  3. Mr.Max

    Soaking the brush

    one other thought on soaking: I use a moss scuttle, and I used to soak the brush in the hot scuttle while I showered, and I think doing this caused the hair on some of my brushes to curl at the tips. It doesnt hurt the brush's fuctionality, but it does make the brush look more used. Ever since I...
  4. Mr.Max

    One badger to last

    another thought, if you like to mostly bowl lather creams, is to get a vulfix super for around $60. I have a 2234, and it is very soft and flexible, and some guys here are gunna say that it is "floppy", but that's not necessiarly a bad thing. For lathering creams in a bowl, you wont find a...
  5. Mr.Max

    I'm losing hairs :(

    I find that i can't get the lather that i want if i only use painting motions. Most high quality brushes are well made and will last years. I dont think you need to worry about using circular motions. Besides, why have one of these if you cant get the most out of it?
  6. Mr.Max

    Soaking the brush

    I personally dont find long soak times to make a difference. you can always add water if needed.
  7. Mr.Max

    Just used my simpson duke 3 brush for the first time.

    pics or it didn't happen :biggrin1:
  8. Mr.Max

    Input on Simpson's

    You can remedy the problem on knot shape if you buy your simpson from Thesuperiorshave.com because Jarrod is now listing the simpsons models individually from actual stock. You can actually see and select the exact brush that you will be buying. I think it is really a fantastic idea because now...
  9. Mr.Max

    Newbie Merkur HD 34C

    For what it's worth, I shave every day with late 40's gillette super speed, which is also considered to be a "good newbie razor" and I've been traditional wetshaving for about 5 years now. I have other gillettes and merkurs, but my SS is what gets the job done. My point is that a good razor is a...
  10. Mr.Max

    BK 12 Inbound

    I got a bk8 and it dwarfs my chubby 2. the bk12 has gotta be gigantic.
  11. Mr.Max

    Edwin Jagger Best Badger - And Lathering

    I would start out with a drier brush as opposed to a wetter one because you can always add water as you going along lathering but if the lather is too wet, you have to add more product where you shouldn't have had to.
  12. Mr.Max

    I just had the most bizarre shave with williams

    I think one key with williams is that you gotta realize that it's not gunna look like tabac or trumpers or something when its lathered on the face, but it will give a good shave.
  13. Mr.Max

    NOS Old Spice Soap and Mug How much is it worth?

    I'd say that you practically stole it. Old spice soap can go for quite a few dollars on the 'bay, and old spice mugs rule. :thumbup1:
  14. Mr.Max

    Feather good for only one shave?

    Whenever I shave with feathers I get a nice bbs shave, but I almost always get one nick or weeper, even in my late 40's superspeed, which is my razor of choice. I think for me, feathers are just too aggressive.
  15. Mr.Max

    To all you Williams haters......

    I've actually been shaving with it all week and getting BBS. Needless to say that it's staying in the rotation.
  16. Mr.Max

    I just had the most bizarre shave with williams

    yep! :biggrin1:
  17. Mr.Max

    I just had the most bizarre shave with williams

    Hey guys, I know we need yet another thread about williams :001_rolle, so here it goes. I hadn't even tried the stuff since if first started traditional wet shaving about 5 years ago, and truth be told, I am really more of a cream guy. I have always loved the smell of williams. To me it smells...
  18. Mr.Max

    ASB on your forehead?

    i dont see why you couldnt
  19. Mr.Max

    DE Razor Choice!

    have you considered a vintage Gillette? excellent razors and it's plain cool to shave with a piece of history!
  20. Mr.Max

    Proraso in US chains?

    Having used both bigelow and proraso, I can discern absolutely no difference between the two.
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