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    This is what I do!! Tell me what you do? (FYI my wife thinks I am loony)

    I'm still working up my routine (still just a couple of months in), but here's my general plan. I see a lot of this sticking even after I build up experience: 1) I rotate between three soaps at the moment: Stirling Soap Lime, Gatlinburg, and Barbershop. I try to use a different one each time...
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    Proraso White Pre- Shave Issue

    I use the Proraso green pre-shave. I've never had a problem with it, but I may try a different pre-shave once I work my way through the jar.
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    What's your soap for today?

    Stirling Soaps "Barbershop." I go for that when I want something with a more subtle, neutral scent.
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    Debate with me: daily shaving is excessive and unnecessary

    That would be awesome if true! Seriously though, it's crazy how fast it comes in.
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    What Aftershave did you use today?

    Just shaved and finished up with PAA Atomic Age Bay Rum. First time I've used any kind of Bay Rum scent. I wasn't really sure I'd like Bay Rum; I tend to gravitate towards brighter, citrus-y scents like lime and orange but decided to take the plunge on a bottle of Atomic Age. I'm loving it. I...
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    Debate with me: daily shaving is excessive and unnecessary

    My older cousin is an every day shaver. His facial hair growth is ferocious; within 12 hours of shaving he's already got noticeable growth and by the time he wakes up the next day he's got the equivalent of a two or three days growth on a normal face. I'm not an every day shaver. I don't really...
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    Roughly one month in.....

    Thanks fellas! I've got some Voskhods in the sampler as well. I'll put those on stand-by after the GSB I have in there currently does it's time. By the way, the GSB was a great shave...definitely the best one I've had. Smooth, no nicks, no sign of in-growns. My face hasn't looked this good in a...
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    Roughly one month in.....

    Hey all: Thanks a bunch for your responses. I've got some Silver Blues in the sampler pack, so I'll load up one of those and get to work. I'm actually overdue for a shave (was trying to sneak one in today, but it didn't work out)! Cheers!
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    Roughly one month in.....

    Hello everyone....My first intro post was in this very forum on April 30. I want to post some of my reflections (that sounds so corny) on moving from carts to DE. Definitely loving it Shaving was not something I looked forward to before DE. Now, I love it. I love the ritual, the smell, the...
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    Contest - $50.00 gift card to the winner!

    I got my first job when I was 16 and the very same day I got my driver's license. There was an ad playing on public access television for a gig at the local municipal golf course. Five bucks an hour...just a pinch over minimum wage at the time. My main job at the golf course was cleaning and...
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    Howdy folks! All kitted out and ready to learn more

    Good afternoon! After being a cart shaver for 20 some odd years and some brief flirtations with a Norelco, I've made the jump to a DE safety razor and I'm loving it. I have fairly sensitive skin and cart shaving had actually gotten trickier for me the past couple of years...discomfort...
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