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Search results

  1. J

    Favorite beard balm

    Hi, lookinf to gain insight as to your favorite beard balms that you use? If it’s scented, even better .
  2. J

    Injector question

    I was curious if the schick injector with adjustable dial is a good starting point into injector razors?
  3. J

    WTB British / Canadian tech

    Looking for the more “aggressive “ Techs out there . I’d prefer a Canadian tech in good shape.
  4. J

    RazoRock Eco and Hawk v3 question

    Hi, given these are SE razors technically, I wanted to ask a question to those who have used it. I was curious about how good these would be at keeping a sharp beard line , similar to a shavette? I’m looking for something similar to a Bic metal where I could easily determine the blade edge ...
  5. J

    FS Serious den clearance .

    I have up for sale a small lot that I no longer have much use for. I have to start, a Rockwell 6C , a tube of Confianca O’ Melhor which is generously estimated at a guess that there is about 80% of the tube left which is a lovely lanolin based nautically scented shaving cream, and lastly a puck...
  6. J

    Bic Metal

    I found these recently and wowzer I love these little disposables! I didn’t think any disposable would be a good shave. Clearly I was wrong. I loved them so much so, that I am now on a quest to find an SE razor that looks and shaves exactly like the bic Metal so that I am not contributing to...
  7. J

    Closest SE to Bic Metal?

    As the title states, I’m a big fan of this little disposable as of late . The shave seems very intuitive to me and it allows me to get extremely close to my beard lines. Does anyone know of a razor that’s extremely similar , but isn’t plastic ? I am very environmentally cautious and feel...
  8. J

    Your Budget brushes

    Hi, I unfortunately dropped my shaving brush into my toilet and for sanitation reasons I can’t bring myself to re-using it. I had a Semogue Owners Club boar brush which is amazing , but I’d like to upgrade to a nice silvertip Badger brush. Do you guys have any budget brushes that you love ? I...
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