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Search results

  1. Wil Dorenbos

    Schickuary 2012

    J-1 Chick blade Day 3 Pre shave lather Vergulde Hand stick Klar Kabinett (used as a shave stick) Omega Pro 49 alum, then WH with Agua Lavanda Puig splash (50/50 mix) ARKO Sport A/S cream Mild, but very nice shave.
  2. Wil Dorenbos

    Martin De Candre In a class by itself

    3rd, just after Klar Kabinett :lol:
  3. Wil Dorenbos

    Review by '' on item 'Klar Kabinett Shave Soap'

    Found the Klar Seifen webshop and ordered a pack of Kabinett based on the reviews here. Friendly people, did not even have to pay in advance/PayPal or whatever, they just sent it to me with a bill from Germany. I received it in the morning in the office, so it was on my desk most of the day...
  4. Wil Dorenbos

    Treet Platinum

    The SE-blade are made by ASR, AFAIK, not by Treet Pakistan.
  5. Wil Dorenbos

    In which my ER 1914 SE goes vampire.

    Think I have both, use the right one most of the time (that ones rests in my minuteman stand). I use it just as any other SE-razor: head flat against the face. Shaved yesterday and today with it, with a Treet. Good shaves. But if you keep the head flat against your face it is hard to cut...
  6. Wil Dorenbos

    Best low cost shaving creams.

    No, you are right, no more parabens in KMF. So in the US my choice would be KMF and here in Europe Palmolive.
  7. Wil Dorenbos

    Is rose a masculine scent?

    Klar Kabinett has a rose scent, so I guess it is yes...
  8. Wil Dorenbos

    What razor/blade did you use today

    English NEW with a Feather SS
  9. Wil Dorenbos

    Feather blades. More forgiving than anything else?

    To me Feathers are great and forgiving. Like their carbon blade (Crow) best, btw.
  10. Wil Dorenbos

    Want A Bottle Of Akkerman Ink?

    No, it means something like "deep dune water blue"
  11. Wil Dorenbos

    Palmolive Stick: The Wait Is Over!

    That's the price for foreigners :lol:
  12. Wil Dorenbos

    Schick F-type?

    And so I did. Only: in the I a nos Schick Krona blade was used; in the F a nos PAL blade. The I is no match for the F; way less effective. I could feel it immediately after the shave... But: could be the blade. Will try to get a PAL blade in the I.
  13. Wil Dorenbos

    12 Tubes of Derby Lavender for $4.95!

    But the invoice/dispatch note says 12!
  14. Wil Dorenbos

    The hidden danger of NOS blades

    Using a hair dryer is also a possibility. It makes the oil more fluid, so the blades will come loose.
  15. Wil Dorenbos

    Aggressive Razor. Whats the appeal?

    Same here. A shave with a "mild" razor lasts some 4 hours, which is usually not enough :laugh: Aggressive DE's can give 8, SE's 10 hours.
  16. Wil Dorenbos

    Muhle R41

    Same here. Sounds to me you are pushing on the razor.
  17. Wil Dorenbos

    2012-- Shave Purchase Sabbatical--Gentlemanly Restraint

    I am in too. Have enough To last me for he rest of my life. And it has to be long then :lol:
  18. Wil Dorenbos

    Fav SE?

    That one and my Heljestrand.
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