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Search results

  1. M

    The great blade vote!

  2. M

    Any Citrus/Orange Scented Creams Available?

    Eshave orange sandalwood
  3. M

    What Was Your Cream Today?

    Trumpers coconut
  4. M

    If you like Proraso Green, you'll love . ?

    I like, Cyril R. Salter fresh mint.
  5. M

    Truefitt and Hill West Indian Limes or G-D Trumper Extract of Limes?

    Cold river select citric is fantastic.
  6. M

    Tabula Steam Punk WOW

    I can't get a decent lather from it, do you guys load it directly from the tub, or scoop out a little portion?
  7. M

    TOBS soup?

    I buy two avocado creams, one came soup like and the other one very firm, so I mix the two and get a very nice consistency cream.
  8. M

    Truefitt & Hill Ultimate Comfort Shave Cream

    My tub says made in USA, just curius if the UK tubs use exactly the same ingredients.
  9. M

    So many Lavenders, which one is best?

    For me AoS.
  10. M

    Favorite Italian Soap

    Vitos al'olio di cocco
  11. M

    Soap advice

    My vote goes to l'occitane cade $12, fantastic soap and can be found in almost any mall.
  12. M

    Santa Maria Novealla in Madrid

    My sis. in law will travel to Madrid, Spain nexy week, Anybody knows if she can find better prices in the store threre than online. Thx
  13. M

    Gauging Group Buy Interest

    count me in!
  14. M

    PIF #2: Rudy Vey "R7" in Inlace Acrylester (Handle Only)

    I'm in. Atari console
  15. M

    Lemon scent

    My vote goes for the AOS Lemon
  16. M

    Best starter cream?

  17. M

    Favorite rum

  18. M

    What blade is the WORST for you.....

    another vote for derby
  19. M

    Cheching In

    Greetings to everyone. I'm wet shaving for about two months now, and so far so good, I'm so happy to find a site with so much information, I guess this is a subject you can never stop learning.
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