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  1. Rich lathers

    Look what i got for $17 shipped

    The asking price for the lot was 10 i bid $10.50. 7 for shipping the razor is in good shape the date code is b2 and if i understand the wiki page correct than this is a 1956 flare tip. If im wrong please correct me. The brush is an ever ready. I really only bid for the old spice mug.
  2. Rich lathers

    Well I have converted my mother-in-law.

    A few weeks ago my mother-in-law called me. She is a live in nurse and takes care of her boyfriend who is sickly. She told me that she has to shave him but the multi blade carts clog up and tear up the poor mans face. She asked me what i used. I told her about DEs. She told me that her dad...
  3. Rich lathers

    I think i found the cause of RAD

    I purchased a vintage razor on ebay. Now i get emailed alerts on other sales on vintages from the bay. I have been tempted to bid. I have no use for other razors i tell myself. But they taunt me .
  4. Rich lathers

    1964 slim adjustable

    IJust ordered this razor of the bay for 15 bucks. This is my first adjustable and my second vintage. Any thoughts on this razor?
  5. Rich lathers

    Arko, the first impression

    I tried arko for the first time this morning. This was also my first shave stick. I wet my face with hot water and scrubbed my face with the soap. I used my Omega boar brush Wich was wet. The lather exploded. I did notice that the soap is very thirsty. The lather was rich and creamy and slick...
  6. Rich lathers

    chiseled face ghost town barber

    I got this sample yesterday. This was my first time using this brand. Also the first time smelling the soap. I told myself that I would 3017 the sample before I posted my review. But I was wowed by this. On first smelling of the soap I picked up on the powder smell. Did smell like a barber shop...
  7. Rich lathers

    100 year old shave

    yesterday I found an old type 1918 us army issued razor. The whole story is on the razor acquisition tread. A couple of you fine folks wanted to know how it shaved. I just shaved with it. This was my first time shaving with an oc razor. The shave was surprisingly mild yet efficient. The first...
  8. Rich lathers

    Catie's bubbles Irish coffee

    When you open this soap it has a strong creamy coffee smell with a splash of whiskey. As l lathered it the sent was light. The lather was slick and rich. It had a very silky shiny smooth feel. The post shave made my skin soft and smooth. However my skin felt a little dry. Over all it performed...
  9. Rich lathers

    Prosaso green

    I tried this soap for the first time last night. I used an almond sized amount in my shaving bowl. This made a nice thick lather. Too much lather. I will have to dial the correct mount in. The shave was really good. I love the cooling sensation. The eucalyptus was a treat. It seems to relieve my...
  10. Rich lathers

    Road trip

    After a few post about Maggard razors, I checked out their website. I noticed that their store is only an hour from me. I gathered up the family and took a road trip. Let me tell you they are awesome. The owner took my kids around the store and played guess the smell with the soaps as the wife...
  11. Rich lathers

    I messed up my badger brush.

    I have a VDH badger brush that came with the luxury kit. It has been working great. Tonight I had the bright idea of soaking the brush In hot tap water while I showered. Usually i would just run it under water. I noticed while loading it that the brush started to shed. When. I was building the...
  12. Rich lathers

    Personna blades

    So I have been testing personna blades made in the USA. Tonight was my seventh shave with the same blade. The last six shaves were incredibly smooth. Very close shave with no irritation. The seventh shave was still smooth, however It was not as close. I found myself having to make extra passes...
  13. Rich lathers

    My little drill sergeant

    Funny thing is happening ever since I started DE shaving about two months ago. Just to give you my background before DE shaving I hated shaving. I would only shave twice a week. Ever since I started DE shaving I now enjoy shaving Evey day. Well my 6 year old daughter will not kiss me unless I...
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