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  1. Mr.Max

    I just had the most bizarre shave with williams

    Hey guys, I know we need yet another thread about williams :001_rolle, so here it goes. I hadn't even tried the stuff since if first started traditional wet shaving about 5 years ago, and truth be told, I am really more of a cream guy. I have always loved the smell of williams. To me it smells...
  2. Mr.Max

    So I went for the GFT coconut soap

    And it's a great product. I have been using it all week and I get nice creamy, thick, slick lather that leaves my face nice and moisturized. I do have one complaint however; the scent. I can barely detect only but a hint of coconut. I have the cream, which is much more fragrant, which i think...
  3. Mr.Max

    Trumpers Coconut oil soap

    Hey gents, I was wondering if the soap version is as good as the cream. I am getting low on my tub of coconut cream and was contemplating on getting the soap to replace it. The cream is pretty amazing, is the soap on par?
  4. Mr.Max

    thoughts on the Simpson Polo

    I'm thinking that after I save up some more coin, that I'm going to spring for one of these. If I get it, I am definitely going for the 2-band super; I love the look of the hair, and i decided that I must have one when funds allow. I am trying to decide if I want to go for the 8 or the 10...
  5. Mr.Max

    Suds in the Moss

    Hey gents, I recently picked up a small Moss scuttle and lather bowl. I am noticing that when I go for my second pass, my brush is nice and warm, but the lather has been reduced to suds. I also noticed that when I agitate it back on my face or in the bowl, the lather comes back a bit. I am...
  6. Mr.Max

    Thinking about a moss

    Hello gents, I am thinking very seriously about ordering a small moss scuttle and matching lathering bowl. I use two brushes; a Kent BK8 and Rooney Stubby 2 I have been doing a lot of reading about the scuttle and I would like to know if you gents think that I can get away with the small...
  7. Mr.Max

    Help with my Fat Boy!

    Hey gents, I'm having some trouble with my FB lately; the tto knob doesnt lock down tightly anymore, and sometimes comes loose completey during my shave. It still makes the half-turn to close the blade in but is not very tight at all anymore. It used to work great but something has made it...
  8. Mr.Max

    Dirty Bird double size scuttle

    I've been kickin around the idea of getting a DB scuttle and I saw that she now has the double size scuttle on the website. I like to build lather in a bowl, and I have 2 brushes; a kent bk8 and a rooney stubby 2. I'm wondering if it is too big though? The website says that it holds 44oz of...
  9. Mr.Max

    Soap Issue

    Hey guys, So i spent quite a few days in a row using tabac with Jim's wonderful tutorial on how to make great lather out of a soap, and the results were astounding. I made huge mountains of thick, creamy, meringue-like lather with tabac and my stubby that was far more luxurious than...
  10. Mr.Max

    So I tried out my stubby 2 with a cream today....

    And the reason I initially got this brush was to use with soaps and face-lathering which it excels at, but I wanted to see what it could do with a cream whipped up in my peach scuttle...........so I grabbed a tub of Trumper's coconut oil cream and the lather exploded! rich, creamy meringue-like...
  11. Mr.Max

    Issue with Classic Shaving and UPS

    So I ordered a couple of items from Classic Shaving, and I have done business with them in the past without a problem and I know others here have as well, but this time they sent my stuff to the wrong STATE!! I checked the information on my order number and I gave them the correct information...
  12. Mr.Max

    Question about Heritage Brushes

    Hey fellas, I recently picked up a Rooney Stubby 2 from vintage blades (fast shipping!! great samples and service!!!) and I noticed that on one side it says "hand 2 made super badger made in england" like in the pictures online, but the other side is plain. It doesn't say "rooney" on the...
  13. Mr.Max

    Thinking about a dedicated soap brush

    Hey guys, let me start out by saying that I am mostly a cream user, and I like to build my lather in a bowl. I have a Kent bk8, which I love, it is a great brush for what I like to do; it's big, soft, has just enough flop, and very luxurious. For creams, I wouldn't be without it. My wife got it...
  14. Mr.Max

    Anyone Heard from Gaye lately?

    Hey guys, I ordered a scuttle from Gaye back in august and I know for a while she had some projects/computer problems. Once she got that resolved, we got back in contact and she she told me that she threw the peice for me already and we agreed on a color for it. I waited a couple of weeks...
  15. Mr.Max

    Question for all you vintage Gillette users

    Forget collectability, nostalgia, or looks....out of all the vintage Gillettes that you have (and I know a lot of you have many) which of these razors gives you the best shave? Im talking in terms of pure efficiency. Which for you does its job best?
  16. Mr.Max

    Difference in Superspeeds?

    Just wondering guys, aside from the obvious difference between the red tip and blue tip varieties, is there a difference between the balance/aggressiveness/overall shave between the 40's style, 50/60's style and the TV Superspeeds?
  17. Mr.Max

    Scent of Tabac

    I'm noticing all this talk about Tabac soap on the forums lately and I gotta tell ya it has me thinking of picking up some. I'm curious about the scent though. How would you guys describe it?
  18. Mr.Max

    So my bride to be and I exchanged gifts before the big day and......

    She presented me with a brand new Kent BK8!! I must say WOW!!:biggrin: Everything from the presentation, to the quality of the brush screams first class. I usually use creams (though I have been a bit soap-curious lately:lol:) and I like to lather in my big soup mug just like Mantic. From what I...
  19. Mr.Max

    So I used Dorco blades out of my sample pack today

    Holy dragging and pulling batman!!! Totally fresh blade too. These are the first I've tried out of my sample pack (got the merkur-free one). Ugh my face hurts. Any time that I put Nivea ASB on my face and I feel a slight sting, I know I go beat up. This felt like I was back to using Merkur...
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