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    My AHAB arrived today

    So much nicer than I expected. I was so shocked at the appearance (medieval lapis) that I forgot to check out the filling mechanism. Fastest filling pen I own. Of course, the first fill is with 5 o'clock shadow after a flush with soap/water, then plain water. Writing is very wet and much...
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    Sharing the fountain pen hobby

    Just wanted to share a nice story. A college friend came over to print copies of her resume for her job interview the next day. She became an RN a few months ago and has been desperately hunting for a job, 50+ unanswered applications before this interview, borrowing money from her parents to...
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    Cask Strength Bourbon preferences

    I'm enjoying a bottle of Rare Breed 108.5 proof. Just curious how people prefer to drink cask strength bourbons. In addition to the Poll, what glass is best for your preferred method?
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    Help lathering with Boar Brush

    I've been doing the wet shaving for about a month and continually have problems building good lather using a Omega boar brush and Col Conk's Glycerine. I read the glycerine soap guide, which helped a lot. I can get a thick lather that is too dry/sticky or a slick lather that is thin. Also...
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    Suggest a Malty Ale

    Eveywhere I go, I find hop heads championing the hoppiest beer they can find. What good malty mild ales are available Nationally or in the DC/NoVA region?
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    Advice to give the woman

    After 2 weeks of switching from electric to DE, my gf now wants me to help her with a better leg shave. I know for a fact she will not do a vintage DE (all I own) and will probably freak at DE for her legs. The idea of standing in a shower with one foot proped up trying to use a DE on legs...
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    Technique Help: Blade Speed

    Is there a certain razor speed that works better? Mantic's videos show short, but pretty quick (IMO) strokes. Will a slower stroke cut poorly?
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    Ebay deals exist?

    I've been looking at Gillette DE prices on ebay and they are insane. Do people still find deals? Prices on Country Joe's seem to beat them all. Any other places for good vintage DEs for using not collecting?
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    It has started

    I've decided to start another hobby and another forum.:tongue_sm I've been reading about the wet shaving trend and since new heads for my Norelco cost as much as a couple DE razors I decided to try it. I ordered 2 Gillettes (40s SS and 60s adjustable slim) from Country Joe after missing a...
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