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  1. J

    What did I buy? keywords: shaving stick holder, Warszawa, Polish, silver plated

    I popped into a shop that has a bit of everything old & used - ranging from legitimate antiques to stuff that should be at a flea market or garage sale. They had quite a bit of shaving gear, mostly old straights and worn out brushes, nothing that caught my eye too much, until I saw this (pics...
  2. J

    CA finish reacting with paint

    Wondering if there are any experts here that can point me in the right direction: I've got a Semogue 1438 that I really like and want to last for a good long while. I dropped it in the sink and chipped the paint pretty good, which I've read is common place with Semogue brushes. I wanted to...
  3. J

    Intro to Pu'erh

    I've been meaning to try a pu'erh for some time now (I normally drink black tea and the bigger/bolder the better). Happened to be in a small asian market for something else and this caught my eye. I picked this up for $1, thinking I can't go wrong for that price (probably a mistake): Golden...
  4. J

    Soap reaction questions

    Hello Gents, I understand that more than anything else, bad reactions to products are very much a YMMV thing, but hopefully you can guide me in the right direction and avoid some stupid mistakes. I bought a small jar of P160 to go along with my new RazoRock R160 aftershave balm. Tried out...
  5. J

    (Newbie questions): Dorko - what have I got and how do I fix it?

    Hi all, I'm new to this but want to get into shaving with a straight razor. My uncle gave me one that he no longer uses, but it's not shave ready yet. I don't know much about it so was hoping some of you on the forum could help me out with some details. It's a Dorko, which I gather is a good...
  6. J

    Any idea what this is? (Calvin Klein brushes)

    Hi all, I'm new to this forum but have been using a brush and soap for years. Started with a cheap drugstore synthetic, then got this Calvin Klein 5-piece set for a Christmas gift (the darker brush). After a couple pucks of soap the bowl rusted, I guess the chrome plating wasn't that great...
  7. J

    Rasage Poulin

    Has anyone placed an order with Rasage Poulin recently? From what I've read on here, he's closing down but his site is still up (assuming to sell off remaining stock). Anyway, tried to contact through email & phone to see if I could pickup in person instead of shipping, but get no reply and his...
  8. J

    barbershop sanitary practices?

    I've tried searching but can't really come up with an answer for my question, so I'll post it here, and hopefully put my germophobe mind at ease. Want to get into straight razor shaving, so figured I'd go to the barber to get one done, just to see what the experience is like and how close a...
  9. J

    Newbie check-in

    Just wanted to say hello. I've been using a brush and soap for years (apparently with horrible technique - and it's still better than out of a can. How does anyone use that stuff?), and cartridge razors. Figured I wanted to step up to something more gentlemanly and got a straight razor from...
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