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  1. W

    18.21 Man Made Cologne

    It sure is a great flagrante, which also lasts. But for me it is more of a hot Summers Day scent
  2. W

    What Frag were you wearing when you last got a compliment?

    2 x Chanel - blue de chanel - Allure
  3. W

    Tabac Gentle Men's Care - After shave gel

    I had the chance to try out Paco Rabanne Invictus today. To me, it smells pretty similar to Tabac Gentleman's care ... just in case anyone needs a reference to another, more popular brand.
  4. W

    Tabac Gentle Men's Care - After shave gel

    Haven't tried the balm, but I do have the splash. It does a really good job and is very suiting. Scentwise, it is pretty sweet. More a summer scent, but personally I do like it (assuming scent is similar as the balm). My wife also likes it, but I can imagine some may find it too sweet maybe even...
  5. W

    Boozy, amber, tobacco - Need recommendation!

    I second the recommendation for 18.21 Man Made Sweet Tobacco Spirits
  6. W

    What Frag were you wearing when you last got a compliment?

    l'occitane - eau des baux
  7. W

    Favorite Under $80?

    l'occitane Baux 18.21 Man Made Sweet Tabacco
  8. W

    Tobacco Vanille (Tom Ford) - A/S

    I don't know the Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille, but I second Gargamel by refering you to Eau de Baux by l Occitane. Not the cheapest (50 euro in Belgium), but the Tom Ford is about 4x that price. But a great subtle, lasting scent ... my wife loves it too ... and I already got a question from another...
  9. W

    Speick After Shave-Any Users out There?

    There are some long lasting after shaves, but Speick is not one of those. I have the aftershave, but also the Eau de toilette, which is not that expensive.
  10. W

    Urban walking gear

    Any suggestion on brands and types? Never been able to find a pair of running shoes which don't give me instant sweaty feet. That's why till now we've been using hiking shoes/boots (low and mid high - the non-leather ones which are not as heavy).
  11. W

    Favourite budget after shave product?

    Proraso Razorock XXX (very long lasting) Razorock Irish country side Old Spice Whitewater Cella Speick All less than 15 euros in Europe.
  12. W

    What are you unpacking/ opening today, show pics or video, we love pics

    Today in the mail: Razorock XXX aftershave Razorock Irish Countryside aftershave Old Spice Whitewater aftershave Cella Milano aftershave Proraso sandelwood aftershave So my supply of aftershave will get me throught the next few months Also in the package Razor Master Pekka shaving soap ...
  13. W

    What is your favorite shave stick?

    Only got 1 stick, which is Speick. Use it mostly when on the road (holiday or trips for work). Small (as most sticks), lathers good and smells great.
  14. W

    Urban walking gear

    Those New Balance shoes seem pretty nice. A friend of mine also suggested Forsake shoes. Till today we have been using a backpack indeed (Granite Gear, which is very handy), but you never can have enough types of bags :) . So besides the Tote bag I mentioned earlier for my wife, I think I might...
  15. W

    Urban walking gear

    Oh I'm not afraid somebody is going to mess with me or rob me :2guns:. They won't get rich robbing me :nonod: But let me give you some background on why we're trying to blend in with the locals without it being too obvious that we're tourists :001_smile. I myself live near a small city where...
  16. W

    Urban walking gear

    Thanks for the replies so far. I do indeed know of both backpack brands suggested ... but also for the backpack solution I would like to blend a bit more into the crowd. So more of a backpack that doesn't shout 'TOURIST' :) That's also why we were also looking into the tote bags I mentioned...
  17. W

    Urban walking gear

    Hello all, I will be doing some city trips later on this year and I'm looking for some new urban walking gear. So I'm hoping some of you can give some advice. 1) Shoes : Till now I've been using my hiking shoes (B-C type), but most hiking shoes make you really stand out in the city as being a...
  18. W

    Shaving creams with parabens

    Very true. Most people will not have any issues caused by parabens. However, some people (like myself) do try to use products that are not only free of parabens but also don't contain silicones, SLS, aluminum chloride or other unnecessary chemicals. So that goes for shaving soaps, regular...
  19. W

    Best Beard Oil & Balm?

    Until recently my mustache/goatee was pretty short. I used my how brew oil mixture to avoid skin issues, which worked really well (and also smells pretty good). Last few weeks, I let my goatee get longer and the oil wasn't doing the trick anymore. So I decided to try out a balm to see if that...
  20. W

    Fragrances and alternatives

    Hello Keith, Thanks for your reply. I already had been looking into the "my favourite 5" post and similar postings to get an idea of what is on the market. Only issue here is finding samples. Not too many stores in Belgium that carry other brands than "the usual suspects". In the past I've...
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