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  1. Songwind

    Parker 5th Technology

    Has anyone used one of the Parker "5th Technology" pens? They claim it's basically a hybrid of rollerball and fountainpen (and ballpoint and felt tip, though that sounds a lot like market speak). The end of it looks like a fountain pen with a tapered point from the feed instead of a ball end. I...
  2. Songwind

    Floïd Vigoroso

    Got my bottle of Floïd yesterday from Bull Goose, and used it as my splash this morning. What a great feeling aftershave. Nice and bracing, with a masculine but not overwhelming scent. Passed the Mrs. Songwind sniff test as well. I like the thick glass bottle, too.
  3. Songwind

    I finally feel like a real member of the forum

    Yesterday, I bit the bullet and bought some Clubman unsmelled. Not bad! As soon as I smelled it, I recognized it. I get what people mean when they say it's a "classic barber shop" smell.
  4. Songwind

    Hydrolast Conditioner replacement?

    I got a PIF of some Hydrolast products from a fellow board member, to give this Method shaving idea a try. I am already hooked on the aftershave conditioner, but it's kind of insanely expensive. ($35/2oz) Does anyone with experience w/ the conditioner know of another product that performs...
  5. Songwind

    Using Fragrance Samples

    I got some samples of the colognes from St. John's Bay Rum, which come in little sample vials w/ a plastic stick. Great for smelling, but I don't know if an EdC is strong enough for that stick applicator to really do the job. I put some on the way my wife does her BPAL perfume, and the scent...
  6. Songwind

    Pressure on a boar?

    I received my new Omega Pro 49 in the mail yesterday. So far, I like it a lot. I have noticed that mixing with just the tips doesn't seem to be very effective. I'm wondering if the boar-meisters here can tell me how hard you're supposed to press on the bristles of a boar brush for effective...
  7. Songwind

    One of the RazoRock XXX Chosen!

    Based on the percentage of XXX threads that are about how it burns, I suspect that if the Shaving Gods don't find you worthy, they turn one of the ingredients into acid. So this morning I built a small alter over my sink, placed the XXX in a place of honor, with other soaps at a lower level to...
  8. Songwind

    Face lathering soap problem

    I'm having a problem with lathering that only seems to occur when face lathering. I load the brush for 45-60 seconds, or give my face a nice coating with the shave stick. I lather up a really nice, creamy lather for pass one. (Used my stopwatch today, mixed on my face for 2 minutes) Pass two is...
  9. Songwind

    Vie-Long Boars

    I am thinking very hard about ordering a boar brush. Possibly on Thursday. I was surfing around looking at my options, mostly at the usual suspects, Omega and Semogue. I noticed on BullGoose that there are a couple of V-L boars. I've been impressed with the quality of my horse brush from V-L...
  10. Songwind

    Review - Mike's Natural Soaps, Orange/Cedarwood/Black Pepper

    All this week I have been using a new soap from Mike's Natural Soaps. They came onto my radar because of a review here at B&B, and I was intrigued by the ingredients, and others' experiences. MNS is a tallow based soap, which also contains vegetable glycerin and lanolin. The lanolin caught my...
  11. Songwind

    Rotation for Brush Health

    Nothing can thrive if it's perpetually wet. So, it seems like a good idea to rotate brushes even if you have a clear favorite, just to let it dry out sometimes. How often do brushes need this sort of "break"?
  12. Songwind

    My Wife is a Potter. This is Her Second Attempt @ a Scuttle. Comments appreciated.

    Disclaimer: I posted this in general shaving because these are not (yet?) for sale, and I really just want feedback on the design. However, if the potential for selling these makes this an inappropriate place to post, I apologize. My wife is a potter, and her way of sharing this hobby with me...
  13. Songwind

    Ineffective XTG Passes

    Did you know that XTG is way too common to do a search on? Makes sense, I suppose, but it did stop me from finding if this had been discussed already. When I do my XTG passes, I feel like they aren't accomplishing much. They're doing something. I can hear it. But the amount that my beard is...
  14. Songwind

    Newbie DE Shaver Journal

    I thought I might catalog my first handful of shaves here, in hopes of getting feedback and pointers if things start to go off the rails. Background I'm 38, have been shaving since I was about 14. I've used exclusively cartridge razors, and tried a variety of shaving creams and other shave...
  15. Songwind

    Hello from Minnesota. Just getting started.

    I'm about as newbie as you can get. I got intrigued by reading posts on wicked_edge on Reddit, and am just starting off. I have a SheaMoisture brush and cream. (The cream's blah, looking around for something else.) Saturday's my birthday so I'm on purchase restriction. If I don't get one for a...
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