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  1. goatee

    motorcycle enthusiasts, i have a question.

    i have a 2013 triumph america and the stock pipes on,,, (well any new bike) makes them sound like a sewing machine at best! i put a set of shorties on it today and they sound AWESOME!!! problem is,, whenever i down throttle i get a huge backfire. even several. down shifting,,slowing,, it...
  2. goatee

    where to post?

    i have been away for some time now and have recently been considering thinning the herd of straight razors. but i see there is now two areas "gentlemanly deals" and "marketplace". was wondering what the difference is between these two, and where my post should be? i'm not a total OCD but ...
  3. goatee

    smithwick's irish ale

    for those with a pallet for amber ale's, this is pretty good.:thumbup1:
  4. goatee

    shoe advice. dress shoe

    starting a new job soon and have to dress business. looking for a shoe i can wear with dress pants and shirt to the office and possibly even dress down. maybe something that can work with jeans as well. i would like to keep the price down as much as possible,, $100 ball park.. i have been...
  5. goatee

    the light at the end of the tunnel?

    could it be???:confused1 will be finishing the month at current job (home depot) ...part time :sleep::thumbdown joke for wage:angry: 30 min. drive.:sneaky2: and starting feb. 3rd. at new job. full time :huh: 10 min. drive. :laugh: office work,, cubical on phone all day. :blink: commission...
  6. goatee

    such a cool hobby.

    i'd love to have the time and resources to do this sort of stuff.:thumbup:
  7. goatee

    this just bit me! assassin bug?

    i think it is anyway.. pardon the photo. i was in bed and as soon as i felt it i itched,, feeling "something" there i scratched and grabbed it. upon doing so, i damaged the hell out of it.
  8. goatee

    win/win for everybody! want to spread this around.

    http://freerice.com/#/english-vocabulary/8125 i started to level off and be pretty consistent around 32/36. how did you fare? honesty is the best policy....
  9. goatee

    dutch oven on the way

    cant wait.:tongue_sm i think i will build a small rocket stove out of bricks in the yard. ...or,,,,, should i dig a pit, and cover it? if anyone has any good recipes, feel free to share.:thumbup1:
  10. goatee

    for those who dont know what trolling is.

    going to go shave with my arko. it smells so nice! not crazy about the lather though. i mean,,, it's no williams! :lol:
  11. goatee

    greek coffee

    i only drink one cup (pint really) of coffee at a time. lately i have been preparing "greek coffee". water in pan, add some sugar, grind up coffee to a fine powder, add to pan, bring to a boil while stirring, strain through a metal filter add cream and drink. i really like this method...
  12. goatee

    building a wooden boat.

    i have recently got a "bee in my bonet" and i want to build a boat. just wondering if anyone here has experience with this? any tips/tricks you would like to share? one plywood better than another? or what epoxy to use/not use? im thinking of maybe building a dory. ??feet long... row...
  13. goatee

    movie trivia

    no rules or order...................... okay,, one rule. NO outside help. i.e. internet SWMBO ect. if you do use outside help, at least tell us you did. otherwise this is all from the top of your head. capice? like you are on a game show. if you have a good question? go for it. if you think...
  14. goatee


    wash hands BEFORE you rub your eye lids.:001_tt1:
  15. goatee

    what a great shave today!

    J. Curcio co. jersey city N.J. (made in Germany) razor rock classic, 22 mm silver tip in home made handle. lather exploded like there was no tomorrow! worthy of the B&B chronicles. :straight: this set up may get a bit more face time for sure! happy new year everyone. CHEERS!!!:a17...
  16. goatee

    soaps/creams worst smell and best

    what gets your vote for worst smelling? mine are: #1 la toja cream for sensitive skin. like a really well worn shoe after a soccer game that went into overtime. #2 pitrolon czech version. ajax,,, or some other house hold cleansing product. #3 marvey. a cherry scented urinal cake. some...
  17. goatee

    big shout out to paco!

    thanks again for the edge! is there anything special i will need to do in the future?
  18. goatee

    what was the first beer you ever drank?

    stroh's signature 1983 i dont know if they still make it or not, but id love to try it again.
  19. goatee

    this is still fun, right?

    bought a sight half seen from larry and i opted out for the honing service. (bought it mostly to give me something TO hone) so,,, its a very nice razor. black scales, 6/8ths blade......centered,,, tight,,, ......................but........... this thing is KILLING ME!!! i think all my...
  20. goatee

    scratch aanother franklin from my wallet. thanks to B&B.

    all of the sudden,, i HAVE to make mead now. because of this site, i found "gotmead.com" and now i have to make it. want some home made mead by x-mas next year? you had better get crackin'!
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