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  1. rxonmymind

    A lot of goodies for B&B!

    Passing on the goodness folks. Been a LONG time since I've been out in the wild but I got lucky & found these at a great deal so you beginners can try some razors without breaking the bank. All could use black model paint to touch up the numbers and the band around the adjustment dial where...
  2. rxonmymind

    Razors at estate sale May 6th.Saint Louis MO 63146

    Was perusing the estate ads and randomly clicked on this sale. Why? Don't know, bored. Look about half way down on the thumbnail pics. Not a bad lot. Cheers. https://www.estatesales.net/MO/Saint-Louis/63146/1154250
  3. rxonmymind

    First vintage Vacuum. An Electrolux!

    Going down a rabbit hole here folks. Visited the Automatic washer.org (http://www.automaticwasher.org/cgi-bin/TD/TD-INDEX_DISPLAY.cgi?DLX) site which lead me to buy my "old school" washer. A new Speed Queen. Then while perusing the sister vacuum land site for old vintage vacuums...
  4. rxonmymind

    Top of the morning & a good New Years to all.

    Cheers gents. Be SAFE and may the New Year bring you bountiful health, wealth & many a good surprises for you & your loved ones. Starting off the day with an Iced Coffee & a chilly 34°. Have a safe day!
  5. rxonmymind

    The genuine article.

    So went to the antique fair today and had a vendor call me over and said "I've got something for you". He pulled out this newspaper with a comic strip and "I'm thinking this is interesting". Hot dog turn to the last page and it's an old Gillette ad in there. I was immediately thankful for this...
  6. rxonmymind

    FS Two slims meet a short handled black beauty

    OK, I hope I don't run afoul of the rules. Not my intent and I'm sure I'll be corrected otherwise. Found some good deals in my travels gents and passing them along to you. All sales include shipping. I have run these through a heated 15 minute ultrasonic bath with disinfectant, polished with...
  7. rxonmymind

    Nickel Toggle case

    As the title states. If you see one or have one I'd be interested in it. Nickel toggle case. Many thanks.:001_smile http://www.mr-razor.com/Rasierer/Adjustable/1960%20(F4)%20Chrome%20Toggle.JPG
  8. rxonmymind

    Son accepted to U.C.Davis & more!

    He also passed his driving test yesterday! He wanted to wait till he was legit and do iit when he was 18. We also received word of his letter of acceptance from U.C. Davis. He's hoping to hear back from U.C. Berkeley. This kid has done it without any input from us and found the horsepower within...
  9. rxonmymind

    Car or home sound systems. Anyone a "audiophile"

    Found another hobby & it's CHEAP!:001_tongu I've had this system in my suv for about a month and am in absolute bliss. From my time in high school through the military to now sound has been an important part of my life. I love my wife lovely voice btw. Now the subwoofer has been installed a JL...
  10. rxonmymind

    FS: "user" grade 1963 Slim.

    Ok first sale in the new bst. Let's see if I get this right. Under $50, free listing, buyer gets good deal. win/win. I think.:huh: Mechanically: Perfect adjustment as well as tto knob. Aesthetics : The head is shiny & free of watermarks or pitting. Doors are straight. Handle is not that shiny...
  11. rxonmymind

    Top of the New Year to you! 2015.

    To old friends found here on B&B and to those new ones we are sure to meet. Guys, may 2015 be good to you. I'll drink to your health & prosperous new year! What are you drinking this morning of 2015? 6am.....Venti quad iced Latte.
  12. rxonmymind

    Heck of a start to vacation!

    So never having gone to Disneyland decided to take the kids. Going up the grapevine suddenly without notice the clutch gives out in the van. Kaput. Just 60 miles from Disneyland. Call insurance to have it towed to Valencia transmission shop. There we were unceremoniously dropped in front of...
  13. rxonmymind

    Pocket razor from Germany

    I purchased this little guy at an antique shop not to long ago due to it being brand spanking new. One can tell by the ring that is absent around the thread collar when the handle is put on. Well at least it WAS new until my wife put it together whilst I was driving: P So I thought let's give...
  14. rxonmymind

    I'm a Grandpa!

    Daughter delivered last night. Awesome looking boy looks just like her. Little Waylon. Woot!(I'm a dad to a 6 yr old too) Happy camper.
  15. rxonmymind

    Who got the GOLD flare tip ROOOOOOCKET!

    Not to steal the thunder from the gent who bought this and I hope he comes forward with additional pics and his own thread. But a HUGE congrats to the person who got this. I DID have a hand in it:001_rolle but passed on it.(See, I don't want everything) PLEASE let it be a B&B member...
  16. rxonmymind

    Mosquitoes! I HATE THEM!

    At my work there is a squadron of them waiting over the door jamb to dive bomb me as soon as I come into work. I'm their buffet, their sugar daddy and honey all wrapped into one big fat tasty treat. Luckly for me "my area" isn't the only area affected as other co-workers are being slammed by...
  17. rxonmymind

    Barbasol razor

    Let me give a shout out to Adam over at Etsy. While I won't say that this is a great deal it's not bad either. A fair deal for a FANTASTIC razor. So if you have some discretionary income and would like to shave with the solidity of a Big boy,aggressive as a R41 but smooth as a Aristocrat then...
  18. rxonmymind

    What's up with REI?

    Go in there to look for some outdoorsie clothes and their extra large would barely fit a 14 year old. The sales guy said they make them small and I'm thinking "what for the Asian market". Their own brands are the same. I'm not a big guy but my wife a 5'5" would fit nicely into the "extra lg". I...
  19. rxonmymind

    Bacon pif:

    So for something fun in father's day I'm doing a fufu chocolate bacon pif for you bacon lovers out there or for those more adventurous:biggrin1: May have to check with your doctor. Only open to U.S. Will end tomorrow at 7:30 or so. Had to change the time fellas as I got held over at the last...
  20. rxonmymind

    I toggle, you toggle we all love toggles!

    Gents after countless hours of searching, wishing I have fulfilled a long shot of a dream razor. My Nickel Toggle. First I'd like to say that this place is like no other and if it weren't for the generosity and kindness of members many acquisition probably would go unchecked. Thanks to a very...
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