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Search results

  1. Galaktus

    FS Blackland Blackbird and Dart

    Den thinning time. Blackland Blackbird with inkwell stand, machine finish. Box included. $175.00. Blackland Dart, machine finish. Box included. $100.00 Shipping is $12.00, USPS Priority Mail, CONUS only.
  2. Galaktus

    FS RR Game Changer 84 OC, Hawk SS OC

    Selling two Razorock OC razors, Game Changer OC 84, and a Hawk SS OC. Both come with handles as pictured, and original leather cases. Hawk has two packs of blades, Feather Professional with 18 blades and Schick Proline with 29 blades. Prices include USPS Priority Mail shipping, CONUS only. Game...
  3. Galaktus

    FT Looking to trade a RR Hawk w/blades for RR Eco

    Looking to trade a black Razorock Hawk with blades (17 or so Schick Proline) for a RR Eco.
  4. Galaktus

    Razorock Hawk V3 in stainless steel

    Like the title says. Under New Arrivals on the IB website, you'll find a place marker page where you can do the email signup thing. Not sure what's new with the V3, except in the drop down menu an open comb baseplate is an option.
  5. Galaktus

    WTB Looking for Weber PH razor

    Like the title says, I'm interested in a Weber polished head razor
  6. Galaktus

    FT RazoRock Mamba 70 for Game Changer

    I have a Mamba 70, looking to trade for a Game Changer 84. Open comb or safety bar, not really interested in the Jaws model. I figure it's a long shot but I'm looking for a slightly more aggressive razor.
  7. Galaktus

    P&G closing most Art of Shaving stores

    Most of the article is behind a paywall, but looks like most of the brick and mortar AoS will close down. https://www.bizjournals.com/cincinnati/news/2020/01/30/exclusive-p-g-to-close-most-art-of-shaving-stores.html
  8. Galaktus

    PIF - samples, blades and cream.

    Got a PIF for a few Soap Commander samples, TOBS Avocado sample, Old Spice cream (90% or so) and I'll throw in some DE blades as well. CONUS only, thanks. PIF open till 01-01-2020, 6 pm EST.
  9. Galaktus

    A stainless steel Christmas

    Galaktus was certainly on Santa's "nice" list this year, lol. Got a Black and Blackbird and a RazoRock DLC stainless Lupo.
  10. Galaktus

    Perfect razor and blade combos

    I'd like to think that all blades are close enough to each other to really not make a difference, and that a razor just holds the blade, but real life shaving tells me different. Some razors shave me better than others, and some blades make me smile, and others make me curse them. Fact, at...
  11. Galaktus

    FT RR GC Jaws and Hawk for trade

    Razors for trade: RR Game Changer Hawk for trade. Would like a RR Mamba for it. RR Hawk with 19 Proline blades. Will trade for a RR Lupo. Prefer CONUS trades due to shipping costs.
  12. Galaktus

    Italian Barber - Awesome customer service

    I placed an order Friday night. I had thought the Google auto fill completed the form but I guess my email didn't get put in the form. Could have been primary operator error too, lol. Anyway, I never got a confirmation email from IB. I emailed them today at 4:40 pm (EST), and figured I'd hear...
  13. Galaktus

    Vintage (carbon) injector blades

    On a whim, I decided to try one today. I am currently on a run with a Schick Stick and a Proline blade, was 12 shaves into it. I have a brass injector blade cartridge that came with my cased E2. So I lathered up, loaded a blade in the E2, and started shaving. It seemed sharp enough, but I...
  14. Galaktus

    WTB Razorock Hawk

    Looking to buy or trade for a Razorock Hawk V2. Color not important.
  15. Galaktus

    Injectors- Shaving perfection!

    I started my wet shaving journey close to 2 decades ago by jumping head first into straight razors. Lost interest after a couple of years with then, and slothed back to carts. 6 or 7 years ago, I got the bug again, and got into DEs. Dabbled with straights still, but mostly DEs. I guess the...
  16. Galaktus

    FS DE, SE, blades, brushes, handles

    Major den clearing. Moving to injectors. All sales must add $8 for USPS Priority Mail with tracking number, CONUS and APO/FPO shipping only, sorry IMG_20190527_120048 by Galaktus posted May 27, 2019 at 12:19 PM All razors 20 + shipping Star DE boxed, excellent condition, box not so much, three...
  17. Galaktus

    Fromm blade in Sextoblade.

    I have used a Weck Sextoblade for years, intermittent use, that is. Today I picked it up and decided to try a Fromm blade. I normally use Personna. I had the worst bloodbath have ever seen on my face. The aftershave burned my ENTIRE beard area. I have never had a blade do me so badly. I used to...
  18. Galaktus

    Short or travel sized handles

    On a whim, I decided to buy a travel razor handle from Maggards. Nice and short, but still very heavy for it's size (stainless steel), and it kind of throws off the balance. On a whim, I decided to take one of my unused Old Type handle and shorten it. I shaved with it today, mated with my Star...
  19. Galaktus

    First SE shave with MMOC

    Well, after reading uncounted threads about the Gem razors, I got a little excited and found what looked to be an unused boxed MMOC, still having the tag tied to the handle and the cardboard filler where the blade goes. I didn't have any SE shaving blades, just regular hardware store ones. I...
  20. Galaktus

    FT Maltese Falcon trading club lot, Barbasol FH for sale

    A bunch of items here for trade, and a Barbasol Floating Head razor for sale. I'll entertain all offers for trades. Barbasol not for trade. Barbasol is 125 shipped USPS Priority Mail US. Blade sampler packs for trade: Will trade for a like number of Bic, Derby, or make offer Astra SP-3 Nacet-4...
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