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  1. fine wine

    I almost feel sorry for the young people here.

    Like the man said " don't kill yourself boy".
  2. fine wine

    whats the best razor blade?

    All of them. Its not the blade. Its the user.
  3. fine wine

    cast iron seasoning

    Okay. Used easy off oven cleaner to strip the old seasoning off, man did that work good! Inside looks new. Now I'm going to preseason the skillet with a light coat of Crisco and put it on/ in the gas grill inside down for an hour on high setting . hthanks for everyone's help and advice. This is...
  4. fine wine

    cast iron seasoning

    Thanks for all the advise!
  5. fine wine

    cast iron seasoning

    The grill it is. Would you put the skillet in upside down?
  6. fine wine

    cast iron seasoning

    Sounds like a solid idea. Will do that on my next try.
  7. fine wine

    cast iron seasoning

    I was wondering if electric heat vs gas heat could have anything to do with it?
  8. fine wine

    cast iron seasoning

    Not the first time, but the second yes I did turn them upside down.
  9. fine wine

    cast iron seasoning

    Once again I'm faced with "not sure what I'm doing" challenge. I have never had trouble seasoning cast iron before now. I lightly wiped my 2favorite skillets with crisco, put them in the oven at 250 degrees for 2 hours then waited till the next morning allowing them to cool down with the oven...
  10. fine wine

    3 new dougie brushes I have made lately:

    Are they for sale?
  11. fine wine

    Well, I think I may be getting a divorce.

    You can't make yourself love somebody. Staying together for the sake of staying together is nonsence. Unless of course she's rich, or makes a lot of money. And don't waste any time wondering were it went wrong. It went that's all that counts. Good luck young man.
  12. fine wine

    Well, I think I may be getting a divorce.

    What he said
  13. fine wine

    Are you a tallow snob?

    Tallow is best IMO.
  14. fine wine

    Captain's Choice is hiring!

    Well miss Kathy! Welcome to B&B... Sort-of.
  15. fine wine

    Body Modifications (tattoos, piercings)

    "USMC" Right upper arm. 1970.
  16. fine wine

    Who were your Mentors?

    That's easy, Luvmysuper, Ouch, Mr Scuffy , ProfessorChoas and that guy in Fl. Paco. HO! lets not forget Hooiser Trooper.
  17. fine wine

    were is the justice?

    Thank you sir. I also support CCW. Espically for women. But all I was asking about was why did this innocense man spend so much time in jail. I don't know were all that other garbage come from. But then again, sometimes a post will take a life of it's...
  18. fine wine

    were is the justice?

    Thank God! Especially since a few of you turned my post into something completely unrelated to what I had orginally said or asked. But then again that's what lawyers do isn't it.................................................JR
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