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  1. Drunk Bender

    Tikka T3 lite ammo

    Hi all, hope everyone is doing well. I have just recently purchased a second hand Tikka T3 lite 223 and it came with many rounds for me to use. Some new and some reloaded. But one bag was some new Horrady Match Case rounds. These have a case that is an army green color, and I believe they are a...
  2. Drunk Bender

    New Nikon(5600),Best prime lens please.

    Hey girls and guys, as the title suggests, I am after a good prime lense for the d5600, I am tossing between the 35mm or the 50mm. I am aware of the difference between APC&full frame sensors, hence why I am asking? My subjects will mostly be flowers and mushrooms (not that it is the time of...
  3. Drunk Bender

    Atomizer users, how much do you use?

    Hey all, as the title states, how many sprays do you use when using an atomizer? I usually use about 5 sprays, 1 on the left cheek, 1on the right cheek , 1 on the left side of the neck, 1 on the right side of the neck and 1 in the middle and then rub in. Is this usual or am I using too...
  4. Drunk Bender

    Atomiser Question

    Hi everybody, I have just purchased two atomisers that screw onto the 400ml aftershaves. (Proraso&Floid). When my wife saw my purchases she commented that for her 21st she got a Waterford crystal atomiser for her perfume and that the perfume seemed to go stale faster when stored in the atomiser...
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