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Search results

  1. BentonClay

    Bladder Trouble

    I am wondering if someone can help me understand how to use a bladder filler. I am frustrated because I cannot "see" how much ink is in the bladder. A few times I thought I had filled the pen properly but it turned out I had only wet the nib. It seems I can only get ink into the bladder if I...
  2. BentonClay

    Original Soap

    My shaving soap fantasy. What if shaving soap was discovered, not invented? Textbooks attribute the invention of shaving soap to the Egyptians or some other historical people. But what if it is not an invention, but literally a gift from the heavens? Here's how it could have gone down: In...
  3. BentonClay

    Found some handles I made

    With all the time on my hands I found these handles I made at my Dad's house a few years ago. I found a couple of lilac logs on his property and started turning away at about 10 in the morning. By 4 in the afternoon I had a pile a fanciful handles. Never has time passed so quickly for me in my...
  4. BentonClay

    McDonalds Cancer Labelling in California: Truth or Hoax?

    I've been having an argument with some Facebook friends. Can any of our California members verify whether this image is real or a hoax?
  5. BentonClay

    Soap Color Poll

    Should shaving soap be white, flecked or color-coded according to scent? This question assumes non-staining color approved for safe use in cosmetics. For example, should Lime soap be lime green? Should Lavender be be the purplish color of the lavender bud?
  6. BentonClay

    Need help identifying Avon find

    Bought for $1 at a rummage sale this weekend. Can anyone tell me what I have? The Avon is obvious - but what year? Any insights would be greatly appreciated!
  7. BentonClay

    Anyone ever tie their own knots?

    Just curious - has anyone ever tried to tie your own shaving brush knot? If so would you care to share your experiences?
  8. BentonClay

    Chocolate Covered Bacon: Dessert or Main Course?

    I was asked to bring a dessert and thought to bring chocolate covered bacon. Then it occured to me: is it even a dessert, or is it part of the main course?
  9. BentonClay

    Balm vs Splash Question

    To date my only A/S has always been cold water. Now I'm beginning to wonder if I'm missing something. In B&B's Wiki, I read there are soothing balms and astringent splashes. I'm curious: Why would someone choose one over the other? Do people ever use both in the same regimen? And finally, does...
  10. BentonClay

    Best Way to Store Tubos?

    Gents--I have a fresh box of Romeo y Julieta No. 2 Tubos and am unsure of the best way to store them: Complete box sealed in humidor? Tubes removed from box and stored in humidor? Cigars removed from Tubes and stored in humidor? I am assuming there is some air exchange happening and...
  11. BentonClay

    Benton Clay's Entry into the B&B Hall of Fame

    Please allow me to introduce myself: Username: Benton Clay What is your real name? Dave Lawson What are your nicknames/aliases? Just "Benton Clay" Where do you live? Bolton, Ontario, Canada What is your age (or) generation? Born in the 1960s What are you in the real...
  12. BentonClay


    Anyone cut himself shaving during the earthquake? We felt it here in Bolton (near Toronto) Ontario.
  13. BentonClay

    That could have gone better...

    So I decided to use a dremmel tool to clear out the remaining bristle from an old rubberset brush. The brush is (was) in two parts - the bottom, wood; the top, rubber (but it looked like wood to me). Rubber! Go figure... Anyway, I guess I had the dremmel speed set a touch aggressive and the...
  14. BentonClay

    If you could have only one

    If you could have only one shaving brush, what size (knot diameter) would it be?
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