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  1. Face&Head


    Junghans is a 155 year old German watchmaker nestled in the Black Forest city of Schramberg, not far north of the Swiss border city of Schaffhausen, home to IWC. In the early 1960s they had Max Bill design lines of watches and clocks. He was an apprentice of Walter Gropius studying at Bauhaus...
  2. Face&Head

    General Eisenhower

    Like many in the Boomer generation, my dad served in Europe during WWII. When we were growing up he had what we all thought was a really eccentric method of cooking steaks; he'd put them right on top of the charcoal. They were always very thick (~4") and he claimed that this was how the then...
  3. Face&Head

    Mother of Invention

    My work-day morning routine starts at 4:10 when I get up, hit the button on the coffee maker, shower, dress, and head out the door with a 20 oz thermos of coffee to catch my train. A few months ago I bought a Wilfa at a stupid-cheap price from a Williams Sonoma Outlet (they had discontinued the...
  4. Face&Head

    Rediscovered Namiki Elite

    Several years ago I transitioned to using just my piston fill pens, which for me meant using just Pelikan and on rare occasions Montblanc. Some of this had to do with ink capacity and the rest was just a personal preference. Today I was rooting around in a box filled with the retired pens for a...
  5. Face&Head

    Dark & Stormy

    Started drinking the Dark & Stormy 30+ years ago on my honeymoon to Bermuda. The classic recipe uses Goslings Black Rum, Ginger Beer (not ale) and a twist of lime. I add a dash of orange bitters and use lemon instead of lime. My choice of Belvoir Ginger Beer (which contains lemon juice) adds a...
  6. Face&Head

    Unintended Sale?

    For those of us in the US, the recent drop in the Pound versus the Dollar has put British products on sale. As I write this, the Pound is trading at $1.3975 and was ~$1.58 6-months ago. A manufacturer of well-known brushes has one of their more expensive offerings priced at £254.95. That is...
  7. Face&Head

    Chubby3 Somerset-Era Rose Handle Stock

    You see this old stock (on the right) show up in the Keyhole & Milk Churn but not often in the Chubby. Looking at the pictures displayed by the vendor it appears the smaller font size is reserved for these brushes. The hair is indistinguishable from the older brush on the left (it's a bit over 2...
  8. Face&Head


    Jim at Vintage Blades posted the following on their Facebook page: On another front, after a lengthy conversation with the owner of RA Rooney, we are also optimistic that things will improve in the Fall in our stock of both the Rooney and the Heritage range of shaving brushes. I...
  9. Face&Head

    Dark 'N' Stormy

    Anyone tried some Crabbies Ginger Beer to make a D&S? It's 4.8 percent alcohol so it won't make a crazy-strong drink. It was recommended to me by an Indian friend and it took me awhile to find it. I'm about to mix one up for my pre-shave cocktail and I must say it has a nice gingery aroma.
  10. Face&Head

    Two-Band Comparison

    I know a lot of guys are often thinking about their next brush and one of the things that frequently comes up are the various brushes' specs. The three brushes I'm highlighting here are all very close in size but each has very different characteristics. First, it's always important to remember...
  11. Face&Head

    Watch Choice

    It's kind of a long story but as a result of some work I did for a friend's father (that I assumed was pro bono) I'm being offered that choice of a Ulysse Nardin Marine Chronograph or an IWC Pilot Mark XVi. I don't have photos of the actual watches so I clipped the ones below from the net. The...
  12. Face&Head

    Farmer's Market

    I have a place just outside NYC and the local Farmers' Market offered up some asparagus and spring leaks for tonight's risotto. Going to serve it with veal chops and a 1989 Lynch Badges. What's your Sunday diner? .
  13. Face&Head

    Another Use for Badger Hair

    I'm linking to this because the headline showed up in a very unlikely place and well, the picture didn't hurt my eyes. Who knew that badgers hated fascists?
  14. Face&Head

    Short and Thick does the Trick

    For those of usthat like both big knots and face-lathering, the Chubby is the iconic brush. It has long been my favorite Simpson, but it has cousins with similar DNA. I recently acquired the M&F in the center of the picture from another member with a renowned collection. A few measurements are...
  15. Face&Head

    New Rooney 2XL, taking one for the team (or not)

    As many of you know, there's a new batch of Rooney XLs available. I ordered the butterscotch one in the pictures below on Saturday and received it today. I think it's fair to say that the XL line is legendary for its über-soft "gel" like tips combined with a density that gives it great backbone...
  16. Face&Head

    Tall Boys

    While I face lather more than I use the scuttle, I do enjoy a nice warm lather for a relaxing zen shave on a cold day. A tall handled brush like the trio below is not necessary but I do find it a bit easier. The Polo 8 in the middle arrived in the mail today. The handle is 67 mm as are both the...
  17. Face&Head

    Custom Shavemac

    I enjoy using a wide variety of brushes that display many different characteristics. I don't usually go for small brushes but travel with a Simpson Major which always makes me think I should pick up a few other smaller sizes. The one deal killer for me is scritch, so no longer have a Rooney...
  18. Face&Head

    Thinking About Two-Bands

    Below is a picture of two of my favorite brushes; a Shavemac D01 three band and a Rooney 1XL two band. The Shavermac knot is 26 X 50 and the Rooney 27 X 47. I thought it worth comparing these brushes as they are almost indistinguishable from each other in use. Too often specific characteristics...
  19. Face&Head

    New (to me) Pelikan 625

    This Pelikan 625 is on order. Piston fill of course with 18k fine nib. The body is blue transparent resin and sterling silver. It's a bit flashier than I usually go for but it had a heft I really liked when I gave it a spin.
  20. Face&Head

    This Demands a PIF

    I'm thinking a R89, Omega Boar & a tub of TOBS would change his life.
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